Sia - Chandelier [PIANO VERSION]


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    Available on iTunes + all digital retailers on 9/9. "1000 Forms of Fear" out now! Download on iTunes Amazon or listen on Spotify
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    1. Rachelle Calista Liano

      It's so Calming😁😄

    2. Eliana Rossigalli

      Amoooo ! From Brasil ❤🌹

    3. Maya Jaradat

      this gives me chills and makes me so emotional omg


      This version is sadder 😢❤️

    5. Reggina Care

      Llllllll loveeeeee siaaaaaaaaa😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😘😘😘😘😘

    6. jonny yo


    7. IG Whatsbriandoing

      Enough to make a grown man cry.

    8. Julieta Agostina

      QUE VOZZ

    9. Hawa SARR


    10. Joshua Aballe

      What i hear: 1-2--twee dring🎵 1-2--twee dring🎵 1-2--twee dring🎵 Going back till i loose count🎵 Aaaahh-m, gonna swing🎵🎵 But i love it anywy😍💗💗💓💓❤❤

    11. Gary Mcdonald


    12. Roizel Diez

      Remember when Sia took over music? Wow, man, good times...

    13. Hora dos Aleatórios


    14. Aurora- Sama

      This is just.....Luxury! . There's Soul . There's Feelings . There's Heart . There's SIA

    15. Janaina e Sebastião games

      oh Chandelier like the music

    16. Gökmen Ceylann

      Year 2030 is still the best

    17. Cynthia Weston


    18. Charlotte Dekeukelaere

      Pure merveille

    19. ElderGeek T Romeo

      Sia is a magnificent singer/songwriter.Each time her voice "cracks", my tears fall. No One can really cover her songs...... Thank You, Sia!

    20. Tay Tay

      I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night... why I feel so so sad with this sentence:)

    21. Alexander Peña ibañez

      Really amazing

    22. Ashie Sharma

      Only 34k likes! Just isn't fair.

    23. Willzito

      There are two versions of this song: 1st the happy one that says "life isn't fair, but i will enjoy it no matter what" and this one here that's a prelude to death: "My life wasnt fair, i'm about to die so i'm enjoying my last moment".

    24. javi

      the falsettos in this version >> 😍

    25. Radha H Lenghel

      Me : oki let's see the piano version of chandelier Also me : *sees the picture on the video* Also also me: hey...... WHY IS THERE A PICTURE 0F MY ROOM ON SIAS CHANNEL?! AND WHY IS SIA LAIYNG ON MY STUFF?! SOMEBODY EXPLAIN!!!!

    26. Na Ku Penda Nation Marrion Mbayu

    27. Lan Medcrow

      still holding on for dear life, sia

    28. Ryuzaki

      Your voice is beautiful 💕

    29. Ryuzaki


    30. Eduarda Reis

      Que voz maravilhosa!

    31. Dencia


    32. jim Andrian

      Wow Love it So so so so much good day sia

    33. Mari Freitas

      VOZ ÚNICA!

    34. M N




    36. Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm

      Picture of freedom. For me.

    37. Lord of Lightning

      I feel the pain in her voice.... melts my heart... the power in her voice is mesmerizing

    38. jay lokhande

      She has created history of vocal ✌

    39. Dawn Davies


    40. Eduarda Reis

      Gente!! Que voz que mulher !!! Amo ,amo ...

    41. stacy holly

      out of my league

    42. Gadea Gonzalez

      I leve UKup beotiful ❤️

    43. Costanza Schiro


    44. Nora DT

      Thank you ❤️

    45. Shadey gamerkid

      Amit u couldn't help to sing along with this (-_-)/

    46. Islam Herrous

      : )

    47. רחלי רוזיליו


    48. Brenzy Ramos

      2020 anyone?

    49. Yagami

      Too beautiful to be real :(

    50. Nicole Stiegelmar

      2:44 chilllllsssss This version is soooo amazing. Gives me chills!

    51. uriel morales

      Someone upload the lyrics

    52. TIEGAN Williams

      Isn't that the piano costume maddie ziggler wear in dance moms


      Anyone else think Sia sounds a lill drunk 🍷😳😛😁?

      1. Sheroo

        Chloe - TsMsCt Videos Shes been sober for 10 years now but this is just the way she sings. Also this song is about her battle with alcoholism and suicide

    54. 69 years ago

      0:36 U felt that, right?❤

    55. john dala

      OMG Sia you just stroked brought peace to my soul - thank you

    56. Fabiaan Vergara

      could have been amazing watch sia in a chandelier like miley in wrecking ball ekjdksj

    57. Fabiaan Vergara

      wow sia and a piano can be incredible, this is awesome, NOBODY CAN SING CHANDELIER, NOBODY can give me their emotion as sia 💖💖💖

    58. Andrew Browne

      Heard this song a thousand times, how have I not heard this version. Incredible!!!

    59. David Graybill

      Sweet version.

    60. Cole

      I listen this when I feel lonely and alone 😭

    61. YNP


    62. Agrita Kļaviņa

      There are very much of emotion and that make me cry. This song make me cry.

    63. Sana Mulla

      I want to take singing classes from you😍😍

    64. Carlos Eduardo

      Linda te amo SIA ♥️♥️♥️

    65. Ayxan Abdullazade


    66. ganat kamal

      I can

    67. oh yeah yeah

      0:51 omg that “i’m gonna LIIIIVE” 😻😻😻😻😻😻


      eu amo esta musica, i love you

    69. Ryan692

      2:54 Fuck me that’s impressive vocal control. Just amazing.

    70. Qa h

      I can't forget it ♡

    71. Natália de Souza

      Sia is my religion 🙏💍💖

    72. xYachemon

      I like how she says “three” ❤️😘🎶

    73. Carol

      I feel the love😍

    74. AKS-47

      What a beautiful, wonderful, unique voice. She is no less than Angel! 😍

    75. Pincopallina 888

      This is pure magic.

    76. Aggelos Zervos

      I am the only one in 2019😂😂

      1. 7amoud Labiad

        You r not the only one in 2019

    77. Ompuia Bolte

      There's nothing to judge 😍😘

    78. Sebastian Chalco

      it sounds sometimes as if she was crying

    79. Dhara Shah

      INSPIRATION... wish I could sing like this. SIA #respect.

    80. Nev Maj

      My baby made history after gave this song this is my best song amazing she is so great ..

    81. Ed Black


    82. Caitlin Cameron


    83. TheGunE InW

      2019!!! ;-)

    84. Lıghtz Reoo

      I really need the piano note,,,,,!😭😭😭😭

    85. Dana Alnashash

      Im gonna live like tomorrow dosen't exist......

    86. Snapshot


    87. Bad Santa

      So beautiful. Shes like an angel.

    88. Franklin Shady

      It's just magic...

    89. 양성민

      Plese titanium piano version

      1. Sheroo

        양성민 Here you go!

    90. hola k ase

      Ambas versiones estan buenas 😺

    91. yossef jo

      Love to Sia😍😘

    92. yossef jo

      Love to Sia😍😘

    93. Alber

      I love her so much

    94. Samuel Quamina

      I love this song

    95. Priscila Caina

      Hinooooooooooo 😍😍❤️❤️

    96. Daves ÏŠMAëĺ čö

      I love this music ' alguien '

    97. Yara Mohamed

      I love this version more than the official one

    98. Michael Novanto

      2018 anyone?

    99. Tanjum Tabassum

      2018 anyone??❤❤

    100. _W_I_S_H_N_A _

      Sia,you the BEST singer in the world!!!:)