Sia - You've Changed (Full Length) from We Are Born album


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    Sia leaked a high-quality audio file of You've Changed, giving everyone a taster of her forthcoming album We Are Born.

    "here is my version of 'you've changed' from my forthcoming album WE ARE BORN.leaking! "

    Опубліковано 11 років тому


    1. МегаБосс


    2. Hora dos Aleatórios


    3. Giovanni



      考古,来中国表演吧,真的很希望你来中国,I'm very like you , I love you for 12 years, I hope you can come to CHINA.I hope you can have a concern in Shanghai in the future~You're my light in life.

    5. Natália de Souza

      Vício 💥

      1. Hora dos Aleatórios


    6. Omer AL-madny

      I watch it on june 2018 and i gave like for evry comment 😊

    7. Krn


      1. Giovanni



      October 2017. Anyone? :p

    9. Nicolás Restrepo Torres

      This song never gets old and it feels special because it released in your own personal channel. Greetings from Colombia, I hope you pass by someday.

    10. Uiu Speedfly

      Essa musica *-----* é simplesmente viciante de se ouvir, as pessoas deveriam parar um pouco para ouvir suas musicas mais antigas kkkk porque aqui só conhecem chandelier e alive kkkkkk entre outras na vevo, eu particularmente gosto das musicas do only see e do colour small the one

      1. Luys Henrique

        Putz, eu amo praticamente tudo dessa mulher, mas essas antigas são muito foda

    11. Timothy Athanassiou

      At least she can leak a song without being sued!!

    12. Jeremy Manalang

      Like if you're listening this on 2015 :D

      1. Stitchcz

        I gave you a dislike. ENJOY

    13. Ikran

      love this. you can never go wrong with a little sia in your life...

    14. Ezequiel Andrade


    15. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      I love it I get the meaning!

    16. skybrrrae

      omg I LOVED this when it came out asdfghj

    17. Mikey Sparkles

      @mikeyg0423 I've been listening to you since early 2000's Jam out with your clam out Ms. Furler ! ;-P

    18. Mikey Sparkles

      I effing love anything you do !!!! Please keep making music ! ;-)

    19. bubblydeath

      ...huh.. for some reason this says Adele play list on mine...

    20. Shianne A

      you've changgeddddd for the bettaaaerererrr yahhheahhh gotta luv this girl lol

      1. Omer AL-madny

        Shianne A what you think now if you still a fan ? 😊

    21. tine dane

      i love this i heard it in ambercrobie

    22. panther0567

      ooooh I love it. Very eurodisco!

    23. lockout45

      Sia you are just friggin AWESOME love you xoxoxoxo

    24. Doteatsurpants

      ROFL no need to leak it.

    25. pokernuts

      I love Sia, she's so cool! And an Aussie! I must have been living under a rock to have only just "discovered" her now.

    26. chris300987

      Sounds like disco techno. Good stuff.

    27. kamlv

      I'm glad to say you are wrong. Its just a chord that's arpeggiated, quite common. Sounds more like something from royksopp as well.

    28. Shante Cole

      Absolutely love it

    29. Catsoul67

      Tu puoi cantare ogni cosa sei la migliore.

      1. Giovanni


    30. chockyfancy

      love it! when's the album out?