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    Bob Job!
    Match sets of three bobs, dogs or unicorns in a row before time runs out. The catch? You don't have a lot of time.
    100 levels of manic gameplay that will test the limits of your humanity.
    Designed by Sia, the GRAMMY nominated superstar behind global hits "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" that test the limits of UKup's play counter... You can hear these songs and more from Sia while playing.
    This game supports Best Friends Animal Society, whose mission is saving animals every day -
    Questions, bugs, ideas etc - or

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    1. IamMadwitch


    2. Sianku California

      I have the game, I just want the phone wig

    3. jenniecfx

      2020 anybody??

    4. Ashley


    5. lowqualitywaffle

      ....she would’ve beat Apple at this point.

    6. Kristin Konidaris

      WHERE DID IT GOO!!!:(

    7. Natália de Souza


    8. Travis

      Oh my gosh 😂

    9. Jhon Tomas

      Bro I can't even get the game

    10. L

      This is stupid idea😂😂

    11. DEMID3VIL

      Since when phones have weaves

    12. alanf fernandes

      qual a musica de fundo?

      1. Sheroo

        alanf fernandes ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia

    13. Sam Morison

      0:05 bald people are triggered

    14. z Joker

      Sia 가발 예쁘당❤💋😚

    15. # love animals

      I love this game 😻

    16. ✿Gatita MIAU MIAU✿

      La verdadera identidad de sia es una peluca :v Una peluca que habla :v Puede ser 7u7

    17. Farah Zghiche


    18. Shibsankar Paul

      Nothing but something that's all...

    19. cristiwinsi

      es buenísimo

    20. Over-Thinking Podcast


    21. jack williams

      is it still out? i can't find it.

    22. Ecco TV 2

      OMG!!!! This is epic

    23. Cookies ARE!! in center of the universe

      Bruh 😂😂😂😂

    24. Arthur

      WHERE CAN I BUY THIS!!! lol

      1. Arthur

        Alaskan Mandingo I know just joking lol

      2. Jay Furler AK

        in the app store or Google play

    25. Daisy Vasquez

      I love the game

    26. Joao Victor Tavares Marques

      me gusta mas this is athing

    27. First Name Last Name


    28. garretts greenhouse

      Love this GAME!! Sia's a freakin genius

    29. Exp Dev

      Expensive humor.

    30. meme meme

      Awesome game I'm in level 17

    31. Tim Scott

      Awesome!!!! I wanna BobJob!!!!

    32. Kelly Crystal


    33. ᄒ-ᄒ와


    34. nelliehoney

      ....people do comments on the game (on the video) about how good a game is trying to match dogs squares unicorns and sia hair bobs. The comments are way to nice.

      1. marnixnater

        Well maybe we should stop being nice to people with poor grammar like you

    35. William Camargo

      Windows phone pleaseeeeeee

    36. Diego Ramos


    37. TheSimcraftFixion

      With that hair, anyone and anyTHING could actually be Sia! XD

    38. artpopfurler


    39. Rocío Mené

      I couldn't like this more... I couldn't love SIA more... She is a GENIUS and, plus, an animal lover... Nothing less to add, point made.

    40. Kerri Ashley

      😂😂😂😂😂 funny af

    41. Oriana Violax2

      OMG lol love it! I'm getting

    42. Halistermatify

      Rofl: amazing and GENIAL 😂😂 Sia still has an amazing sense of humor, beside a gorgeous voice and a great sensibility :D

    43. Jake Trzybinski

      Your sense of humor is fabulous Sia :P And I love that this also supports Best Friends Animal Society! Love ya Sia!

    44. Артур Старков

      Sia i love you!!!

    45. Nanc Nicole

      Love you Sia!!! Your fans will always understand you and your creative soul. Keep doing YOU.

    46. Andreaherison Karim

      This game is funny lol

    47. TheMAM

      sia, stahp

    48. EdEditz

      It's simply a game for your phone and the proceeds goes to animal welfare.

    49. Kokichi Ouma


    50. Zach S.


    51. Ana Flavia


    52. M E

      i want that phone wig

    53. Osoro Shidesu

      LOL! What did I just watch? ILYSM SIA

    54. CaribbeanGyal

      Yaaaay !

    55. Nikolaii

      Well this is... stupid. Seriously Sia? What is even going on?

      1. evelin ?


      2. Charlotte xx

        you're got to be fucking me...... Are YOU stupid?

      3. VectoredPromise

        So it's stupid to support Best Friends Animal Society?

      4. FC STAR

        is this real?

      5. kaitlyn enxuto

        screw you

    56. Muffin's ASMR

      This is adorable, haha.

    57. aka Dixon

      First, ILYSM SIA

    58. subwaysurfer

      What is this ? Didn't get it...

      1. artpopfurler

        @frankieinfrance It's a game app.. the app is for supporting the best friend animal society

    59. Jorge Gutiérrez

      OMG this is hilarius!

    60. Alex Guimarães

      Sia amo suas músicas são simplesmente perfeitas 😍

    61. Amelia Waldorf

      I love Sia but Wut

    62. Shani Mor

      I'm gonna use this application 😆

    63. nabGriefing


    64. DylanGLC

      First? Awesome video!

      1. Alexzn

        You were first?

    65. Chris Kriskovic

      @Sia you are hilarious.

    66. Naomie Nduya

      Q gracioso !!! Jajajaja

    67. Özlem

      Lol sia you're amazing

    68. Fabby Hervil

      The iphone looks so gorgeous with that wig!! jaja

      1. RetroPsycho

        Fabby Hervil no the i phone looks beautiful with the wig

    69. Korean Concept

      Siaaaa you are my life i love you so much my queen

    70. Fabby Hervil

      Awesome as always!!!

    71. Clo Louise

      Need. This. Now.