Sia's Amazing Infant-O-Criticize-Alyzer - Your Baby Reviews We Are Born


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    Turn any baby into a music critic with Sia's amazing Infant-o-criticize-alyzer!

    Put your little tyke to work reviewing Sia's new album We Are Born. Infant-o-criticize-alyzer plays a random track from the album, while clever technical wizardry continuously analyzes the baby's facial expressions, and translates the emotions they're experiencing into insightful music criticism.
    So if you have a baby, a computer and a webcam - try it now at

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    1. lowqualitywaffle

      In the past, her voice sounded more darker than now.

    2. Стас ;]

      Hi i from RUSSIA

    3. Natália de Souza

    4. Happy 2019


    5. Shibsankar Paul

      Nice and cute child... thanks

    6. Pheebz 2003

      I don't get it?

    7. milk and cookies


    8. Andromeda Lasso

      That is f-ing hilarious.

    9. electrogeek77

      I don't have nor want a baby...can I try it with my cats? Or my husband?

      1. Syed Shakil

        electrogeek77 zzz . xxx ..

    10. Sh Ke Bob

      There's always adoption...

    11. Dog

      I want a baby now. Too bad I'm sixteen years old. And gay.

      1. UG- LEE

        Asha H hey u single?

    12. KevinKeunen

      too bad i don't have a baby...

    13. Skelleteen

      Im Doing This!!

    14. Erik

      Love the idea!

    15. Melissa F

      Very cute!!! Both of my kidlet's are huge fans (just like their mum!) and have rated the new ablum highly ;-).

    16. Lucas T-Mon

      I problem is I don´t have any baby! -But I guess for Sia I should steal one or two.