Soon We'll Be Found


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    Sia's new UK single, the beautiful 'Soon We'll Be Found', will be released on digital download on 13th October. This highly emotive ballad is taken from the album some people have REAL problems. The single is accompanied by this extraordinary video, directed by Claire Carre. Sia and friends tell the story of the song through dramatic sign language, which takes on a life of its own in the form of beautifully choreographed silhouettes. Ive always been obsessed with the beauty of sign language," says Sia. "The movement and expression just appears, to ignorant-hearing-me as a dance a beautiful, emotive dance. But the real beauty is that, hidden in these perfect shapes, is communication.

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    1. Anastasia Tesfaye


    2. Yeti

      The dance group in my school danced to this song, when I had depression and had suicidal thoughts everyday. I still remember the performance I watched, it was during assembly. They danced so beautifully to it, and just the lyrics, it really hit me. This sounds sappy, but the lyric, 'I know we're lost but soon we'll be found' really hit the heart. I just felt like I will be out of this time soon, I will be 'found' i guess that's what i felt. This song just means a whole bunch to me, i was thinking of suicide that very day the performance was held, and I remember thinking to myself, just one more day, I'll be found. It was like a sign to me to not give up. And the next day, I got 2 new friends, those 2 friends are who helped me through that slope of my life, and I truly believe that, that song saved me, i guess

    3. Angel's Wrd.

      Sia in 2008 looking like grandma and in 2016 looking like a child

    4. Edmara Elaiza


      1. Edmara Elaiza

        @Sad Boy 😐(to com sertas dúvidas)

      2. Sad Boy


    5. Pink CT

      0% Drogas 0% Desnudos 0% Calidad 100% talento 😎😎👌

    6. Surya Effendi

      I wonder, where are these guys who comments this vids is they still here ?

    7. Mathilde Couturier

      these are the songs i used to listen to on repeat as a kid

    8. Merly Buendia

      I love u queen:"(

    9. Talgat Erken

      Hi from 2020. Amazing song.

    10. Syed Sikandar

      I love the way she say "LETSNOTFIGHT" love u sia

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    13. CATedits

      Anyone watching from 2020

    14. nakamine1713

      Amazing this song still hasn't hit it....ridiculous spelling out of a horrible situation that can't be easily solved. I'll always love this SO MUCH.

    15. Serina Williams

      I wish more would find this song. Sia is a big artist, and too many people have listen to thing song.

    16. IamSequoia

      I love Sia. Her voice is so unique and her personality is just so lovable. I hope she is doing well.

    17. Geanina Pohrib

      Hey guys! Please check my cover video for this song on my channel. Thank you all! ❤️

    18. Wlian Marques

      When sia made the song I was 2 years old, I heard with 5 😭, And now I'm 13 years old, I'm Brazilian more I love the songs of sia! 😭😭 The time I was 5 years old was so Good

    19. Paul Rajic

      Sia black necked, cancel sia guys

    20. Maryann Marianne

      LLove you ❤SIA❤

    21. Asti Endang

      my favorit clip

    22. Ludo Adena

      I found the very first release of "Soon We'll Be Found" 's music video ❤️

    23. Be Better

      I love this song 🌏

    24. Benedette Opiyo

      Probably one of my favorite songs by sia Who's here 2020?

      1. Sleepy ASMR

        2021 ☺️ and still coming back to her beautiful music

      2. c rst

        Meee! Greetings from Switzerland! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      3. Swan Farell

        2020 ? Hmm not me


      its 11 years ago but still a gold even old



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    28. Paperbagz

      All her songs are so beautiful. She is what you would call a beautiful person

    29. Tariq 1

      Sia she is the best ❤ عبد المجيد كيف حالك :)

    30. Александр Исаченко

      обожаю её!!!

    31. Henry Sifontes

      2019 ?

    32. MR whatsittoyays

      2019 guys

      1. Arkham

        2021 time flies...

      2. Co ja tu robie lol

        MR whatsittoyays 2020 :00

    33. Vitória Rodrigues

      2019 aqui

    34. Natália de Souza

      Hino 💥❤

    35. Rovic Merginio

      May of 2019 anyone???

    36. Angie Rios

      this was before i was even born XD

    37. Sara Sara

      I love you sia I love you!!!!!

    38. yoks unofficial

      why it's only 240p now

    39. ayu ,

      i'm lovin for Sia🎈

    40. Bonnie Sydell

      i dunno why this song makes me nostalgic

    41. Eli Peace

      This is so beautiful!!!! She's so beautiful!!!! I loved everything in this video! Hope more peoples watch this and feel what every little thing means! Is truly wonderful!

    42. Dimitra

      When I first listened(if this is how is spelled) this song,I was little and I didn't know English. But I loved this song and I copy the letters from the title on a piece of paper. Then I lost it and I was so sad 'cause I wouldn't be able to listen to this song again. After years and knowing a bit English I listen to this song and it brings back so many memories. Fun fact: I realize that the movements of the hands is sign language 🤯😲😂

      1. Deeper Red Music

        So sorry you lost your note, glad you found the song again😂

    43. Dairy Gamer

      My best song for ever💗

    44. Jú Paiva


    45. evelin ?

      This song is just beautiful 😍

    46. Um Ali


      1. Ana P


    47. 김정민

      yes sia you're found

    48. Dhiraj Bhole

      This is masterpiece!!!❤️

    49. Samo Smith

      Pretty 💜

    50. izzy

      2018 anyone?

      1. Flutenstuf


      2. Ana P


    51. Krn


    52. андрей андреев


    53. Krn


    54. BLACK ROSE

      When I first watch this video I was literally spellbound by the soothing music and the artistic hand gestures and the shadow puppets. They are just so beautiful. Treat to watch. 😊💜 One of my favourite songs. 😚

    55. BlueBox Arts

      this time when Sia was perfomance on hr musisc videos

    56. lovinair

    57. Convergency

      Hi I just want to wish you a good day!! I made a piano cover of this song. I would really love it if you can give it a listen😄💕

    58. emilly vitory

      I love sia , i like theys musics

    59. Bruna Assis

      2017 here

      1. Corazón de Fuego

        Bruna Assis same i love sia

    60. Dumbo

      There is no Sia

      1. Dumbo

        There is no Sia. Dumbo is.

      2. Any Brzla

        Dumbo is Sia!!!!!

      3. Dumbo

        Sia, no. The music and the songs, yes. There is no Sia.

      4. Franco C

        Dumbo she is

    61. Timothy Athanassiou

      The best song she's ever done!

      1. Dumbo

        There's no "she" in sia.

    62. Cory Cordero

      love love signing with ♡Sia♥

    63. Niki mccusker

      I wouldn't doubt it I'd she says she gets the munchies for the mushies! :D

    64. Michael Gabriel

    65. Butter Mellow

      Please peeps, see how she sings this song live on the Letterman Show. It's sound even more amazing.

      1. Arkham

        Very true

      2. GG F

        This is true.

    66. A Lyrical Dreamer

      Five years ago, I watched this video clip and, alas, forgot what it was called and even who it was by. Finally, after half a decade of hopeless searching and sleepless nights... it has been found. This day shall go down in history

      1. tøp


      2. Ana P

        Ten years ago

    67. Marek Haring

      This would sound so beautiful in French.

    68. adrenaline lets go

      Barbra Streisand сlone.

      1. Natalia Flores

        @J Virgo shhhh just stop. you didn't get the joke that's all you didn't even need to reply.

      2. J Virgo

        @***** heres a joke apples are just like oranges get it ? no? =the joke= your head =|

      3. J Virgo

        @tdfj95 a joke implies some kind of witty comment or response. that was just...wrong. i dont see the haha factor in it

      4. Possibly A Douchebag

        @J Virgo ==>The Joke==> [Your Head]

      5. Possibly A Douchebag

        You mean that Barbra Streisand is a Sia clone?

    69. Fajar Anugraha

      3:11 On the lower left, that seems like a flying "fuck u" sign

      1. chanbir singh


    70. jante prangnell

      This video makes me want to learn sign language just for the beauty of it now, I never knew you could put so much emotion into your hands its truly amazing.

    71. whatever

      super schönes lied tolles video hammer stimme mega tolle bewundernswerte frau!

    72. John Perez

      i just noticed it's sign language

      1. i_am_automatic videos


      2. David

        same here xD

    73. I S

      My father and I watched this video together and basically was the first time I have ever seen my father speechless. I saw her live and I couldn't even move, She is a truely remarkable woman! I love you Sia, please keep doing what you are doing you fantastic woman!

    74. Darby Nolan

      Sia; Aussies for the win!

    75. Malcolm Watson

      very talented, one of best out there

      1. Marcus Tullius Cicero

        Malcolm Watson THE best out there

    76. Azuraima Sambuta

      i love her

      1. Azuraima Sambuta

        gostaste?... muito profunda essa letra

      2. Alexandra Gomes


    77. Azuraima Sambuta

      i love her

    78. Angel Luis Lantigua

      People, please, don't compare her with Lady Gaga. Just no

      1. Julian Leil

        Why not? Lady Gaga is also an outstanding singer-songwriter and she is very talented.

      2. Juppiter99

        Naco jajajaja

    79. Angel Luis Lantigua


    80. DenkMalNach!!!

      Thousand Times better than a Lady Gaga !!!

    81. Alexander Bustamante

      Well basically the producers and the scriptwriters are the ones the come up with the video clip.

    82. Justo Arroyo

      her voice, Yisus, thanks for not giving me ovaries had already exploited ♡

    83. afro symphony

      sia's legs though...her legs r soo sexy!

    84. Nick Brock

      Honestly one of my favorite music videos ever.

    85. Maddie Flores

      This song makes me wish I could fly. :) It lifts me up.

    86. Twila Shaw

      I love this video

    87. Anja Jovan

      MAGIC voice, music, video!!!

    88. Stacey707

      Loving this soulful sound and creative imagery. What I need...

    89. narek23

      dont know why you were downvoted. this is the truth, is putting up Sia, and putting down lady gaga.

    90. De-gun

      i was not offended. i was just kidding....:) and now there is 38 people who haven't heard so good this amazing song, and probably haven't seen the clip. it's still amaze me every time i hear it....

    91. will wal

      She sounds alot like nelly furtado in this video

    92. PB&J

      I love this song so much. Even though its a bit sad its filled with so much hope.

    93. Rustled Jimmies

      New amy winehouse

    94. I'm Sleep

      This song and video is magical

    95. Kasia

      I was just wondering. Just enjoy the damn music.

    96. Imerae Juden

      warning-this comment is irrelvant.

    97. firstavailablename

      Deaf. I do agree though, it's a pity for them they can't hear her voice :-(

    98. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      I love this song makes me feel loved and not transparent I found myself!

    99. Angie Marie

      I've seriously watched this video like 5 times today and all her other ones!

    100. Kasia

      Okay, so she's taller than me. XD