Sia - I'm In Here (from We Are Born)


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    New track I'm In Here, taken from Sia's forthcoming album We Are Born which is released in US on 22 June, in Europe 18th June and in UK on 30 Aug - we can't wait!

    You can pre-order We Are Born right now below:

    Опубліковано 11 років тому


    1. Fersia Nava


    2. Gleyton Nunes

      2021 - I'm still here!

    3. Valeria Irwin

      its 2021

    4. Lucy Parker mekalister


    5. Erica Alexandra

      My first heartbreak this song was on repeat. Still come back to this gem. 💚

    6. ytsfd

      Beautiful. Did you know the Psych2Go youtube channel did a nice cover of it?

    7. Andrea Lucas

      💓 Música 🎶 chicletes 🙃♥️da melhor qualidade 💕🌟👍

    8. Andrea Lucas

      💓 Owhm!!!!! 😍 SIA's voice is so perfect to peace your heart, to tell you something else, you may need, even without notice it ♥🤗✨ SIA saves the century's music 🎶🎵in the best way💓

    9. rogah taylah

      songs that has memories ://

    10. Mitzy Sandi Vallejo

      I came from my own, not from gossip girl...

      1. Meccarox


    11. pinheiro bristlecone

      Eu nao sei o porque de acharem que eu tenho o dever de ser sociavel ou ter uma opinia plausivel diente a assuntos politicos sociais mundias se no final das contas sempre eu que tenho que me salvar

    12. pinheiro bristlecone

      Meu desejo era que Itabuna tivesse uma biblioteca muito grande para que eu pudesse me esconder do celular e de resto que existe

    13. pinheiro bristlecone

      Eu to triste since 2005

    14. pinheiro bristlecone

      Nao temos que fingir felicidade

    15. pinheiro bristlecone

      Ainda estou tentado lidar com meus fracassos posso culpar capricornio em saturno a verdade é que eu nao tenho quase oportunidade nenhuma de me Salvar nesse país e nessas condições na verdade nunca tive mas as vezes os impossivel acontesse

    16. daniel chaves lage


    17. Hora dos Aleatórios


    18. Joseluis Chaiña

      Esta cancion sono cuando chuck y blair de gossip girl en el momento que estaban en la estacion del tren y chuck queria irse y blair lo impidio XOXO chica indiscreta

    19. Clarenha

      Chuck and Blair 😭

    20. lowqualitywaffle

      this is soooo underrated.

    21. Eddie Wilson


    22. Luana Emanuelle

      Chuck and blair✨

    23. Matthew Williams

      How am I only finding out about this masterpiece in 2020?!

      1. Matthew Williams

        @Revahe Ehaver that's so true!

      2. Revahe Ehaver

        It is never late :)

    24. Stsceo Duwn

      I just love my music taste.

    25. Rianna Reece

      Anyone here in 2020 ?

    26. Lara Josephine

      Chuck and Blair 😭

    27. ツFra

      Blair and Chuck...♡

    28. Caroline Boyden

      the piano version is elite as heck

    29. Teresa Giuliodori

      Chi ancora qui nel 2020?

    30. AJ Flores

      Sia, you're there and we are here always supporting you. Don't you worry, baby, we will be there just keep waiting. We won't leave you. I 💚 you, SIA.

    31. Lu Nunes

      2020 Em plena Pandemia e o mundo cheio de incertezas e sem esperança de nada.🇧🇷

    32. Jane Lynx

      *chuck and blair flashbacks*

    33. Sri Wlndr

      This song saved my life

    34. Patღ

      Sia Forever💞 #QueenSia👑 S- h e I- s A- m a z i n g💖

    35. Joel Walker

      Unpopular opinion but the bass in this song is so enjoyable and inspiring smh

    36. Kevin Andrade


    37. Yasmin Vitoria

      Chuck and Blair ❤❤❤❤❤

    38. finallywoken13

      Sia embodies all of humanity who gets broken down spiritually & mentally because of it's bullshit. Many long for someone & some get incredibly fortunate to be saved. As for the rest of us, we get what fate handed us - isolation on a planet with billions of people.

    39. Aquarius

      I love you SIA, you have such a beautiful soul.

    40. Brandon Page

      Dear Father of the Light please bless and whatever bars or chains that try to hold you i hope and pray that all your New Creatures you create that they give you enough power to conquer darkness and please drive out darkness in gay men of the Light and forgives for any offenses against you and spiritual family of the Light but remind your children of the Light who they really are and break your chains wherever you are and bring your Light through me as Chief Head of House Holds and i pray all darkness be pushed out as you welcome back your children of the light and they're servants and children and conquer this great gift Earth you gave let us speak positive and fight positive for a great gift you install in this Earthly place let us being with those who tried to control or hurt your children, Servants, and New Creatures to bring us to darkness and as you clean up these governments that think they can out think you and your appointed and anointed and wash out the darkness from they're bodies matter of fact jealousy, confusion, hatefulness, and deceit. Let us bring your great Light together starting today and we fight for darkness just wants to steal and return us back into dust but you meant great things for us. Father of the Light forgive me if i did anything Bae to offend you and forgive me if i do anything in the future to offend but always keep me in your Light my Lord no matter any decision I make and thank you for any and all blesses you given and continue to give me and restore my soul back to me and the fighter in my soul back in my body so we may conquer and the demons in the house Chief Head of House Hold you made for me please bless and destroy and let you and me design and build an even greater one, one that evokes all your children of the Light and slay darkness out this Earthly place forever and always and we restore order in all places on Earth Slay darkness spirit and lets Start a new with what we have let us being today know we fight for Peace...Amen

    41. 1

      We're in here ;)

    42. Giselle Acosta

      2020 I'm still here.

      1. Random


    43. Music Lover

      Im in here in 2020♥️

    44. Ryker Edits

      I Can’t Wait For The New Album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Ryker Edits

      I Thought This Video Was From 2009

    46. OzTez


    47. Đặng Lan Anh

      This song make me know about the legend

    48. Alex Golovchenko

      Timeless music, always present, always relevant. That is Sia's gift to the world, love her so much.

    49. Francesca

      I love this song and I love that scene in gossip girl which has this song in the background, they both make me cry every time... "I destroyed the only thing I've ever loved" Chuck💔💔

      1. Joseluis Chaiña

        Esta cancion sono en el momento de chuck y blair en la estacion del tren cuando chuck se queria ir y blair lo impidio XOXO

      2. Random

        yess💘 Chuck and Blair are the best❤❤

    50. Alina Grozea

      Still the most beautiful voice I've ever heard


      I didnt know......i love u..

    52. Bellatrix

      2010 ~ I'm in here. 2020 ~ I'm still here.

    53. ななみちゃん

      2020 still here


      考古,来中国表演吧,真的很希望你来中国。I'm very like you , I love you for 12 years, I hope you can come to CHINA.I hope you can have a concern in Shanghai in the future~You're my light in life.This song gives me lonely and happy.I cry every time when I hear it.

    55. 溜隻貓


    56. TAJ

      This is my favorite in 2020

    57. Varsha Ramakrishnan

      Chuck and Blair

    58. Mr. Potato

      Essa musica é tão 😭😢

    59. Stella Santos

      Nossa que música que acalma qualquer coração!!Sia❤❤❤❤💎

    60. Enrique Martínez

      This song makes me cry. 😖😭🙁❤

    61. 許意萱

      有人因為 「老婆粉了解一下」 來聽的嗎😂😂 順帶一提 這本超好看❤

    62. ben brachi

      I’m in here but Sia that I loved for her original music is long gone to commercial music....She needs to get back and find herself. No much searching required just listen to this amazing song

    63. izan deniz

      This song make me feel so sad, always I listen to I break down.


      Gossip girl ❣ B&C❣

    65. M.A Molina

      Aquí después del sample de Steve lean para Yung beef en EFFY. Lloro siempre.

    66. Przemek Raczek

      i'm in here. ten years later. it must mean something

    67. Camih Lopes


    68. Nat 7u7

      No puedo creer que sea de tantos años esta canción

    69. Elena P

      I want an old version ofr this song! what did you do to it((

    70. tamapajamas yamas

      Almost 2020. Still here! 🥳

    71. Lee Nousha

      I destroyed the only thing that I ever loved - Chuck Bass

    72. Vere Gonzalez

      Cuantos están aquí por blair y chuck!!! 💚💙

    73. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

      2019 September - Can you hear me? I'm still here...

      1. Random

        2020 april still here




      i see u..🌷

    76. Doja Moon Cat

      S Si Sia

    77. Claudio Carbone

      I love you my sweetie pie🎀❤♾From Italy the best queen ever

    78. Christa Hurt

      This site is actually pretty 😊

    79. Blithe Flynn

      9 years ago, I was just 10 years old listening to this song while my sister plays it. Now, I'm 19, I just realized how depressing this song can be. 😢

    80. Master Bit

      Queen sia 🖤

    81. bouarouri azzouz

      2019 💙

    82. Nens Zainal


    83. Diario do Guel

      2019? ❤️

    84. J.C Joy의 영어회화

      Sia! Your songs are great. I respect your gift. You're super cool! When you come to Korea for a concert I'll be there to see you for sure.

    85. deysi Ramos

      im in Here 2019😍 sia 👑 l love you keep going ❤

    86. Iviers

      I'm still here

    87. eric ousley


    88. Mei-Chen Chen

      as a person who has been battling with depression and having family members suffering from depression...this song truly touches my heart and sings out loud what I've been feeling all the time.

    89. eric ousley

      1. eric ousley

        I can help.. ;)

    90. מיה זיגלבוים

      מעולה 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    91. Vittoria Vellutini

      and all i can think listening this is Chuck & Blair... nothing else

    92. Catalina Veron

      It’s sad to relate so much to this song but still I made a cover of it 👼🏼 it’s on my channel 👼🏼

    93. Rachel Fisioterapeuta

      Alguém em 2019

    94. Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji

      2019 😢

    95. Victoria Coffman

      Sia's profound sadness is so palpable in this absolutely beautiful song. I just want to reach through and hug her and tell her there is hope for her and I hear her. Sia is a masterful singer, songwriter, and lyricist. She's probably the most prolific songwriter of our time.

    96. Руслан Шаматов

      незнаю.. пока видео не грузит.. та ли эта музыка что я ищу или нет!?

    97. Yasmim Matos

      Oh my God

    98. Abigail

      This is what this song is called.. WAIT A NEW ALBUM WAS RELEASED ON MY BIRTHDAY