Sia - Holiday Message (2008)


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    Sia had a special holiday message for her website members - but now you can see it here! Remember, to be amongst the first to see exclusive content from Sia, join her mailing list for free at

    Опубліковано 12 років тому


    1. Mary Encarnacion

      Happy 👌👑🎄

    2. Juan Quiroz


    3. Giovanni


    4. Marwa Helali


    5. Cristian camilo Valencia Betancur

      I love You Sia ♥️

    6. LovinMinQi

      I was 1 years old when she posted this 21 jan

    7. Chanie Chan

      2020. Anyone?

    8. Green Tea Plays Roblox


    9. ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ 9


    10. Silver Fox -_-


    11. Made by Luna


    12. aquarius moon

      She is so cute

    13. Pearson Renehan

      Who’s watching in 2021?

      1. TheGamerzSide

        Lol ur watching in 2020

      2. Snowcat Speedbuilds

        I'm watching in 2021 :D

      3. Maddie R

        HAHA WTH

    14. Gabriel Reyes

      Coronavirus 🤣🤣

    15. hi

      2020 anyone-

    16. Lara M.

      What omg this was along time ago lol

    17. Juan Cruz Fiscardi

      1st TikTok of the history. Fckin cool.

    18. Jack t waterson hh

      Hi i'm from the future there is corona virus here in 2020 We will not have the flying car in the future this is a big lie

    19. Maryelie Jacob

      😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you 2020?

    20. Thomas Chen

      extremely old

    21. Elizabeth Moreno

      I was only 4 days old on Christmas of 2008

    22. Grace's Toy Stories and Reviews

      we love you Sia!

    23. Vasi Tgl

      Sa fait peur

    24. xXBreezybooXx

      2020 ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!?

    25. Joc

      I’m scared

    26. Miriam

      Foi o ano em q nasci

    27. JW

      That was kinda creep jk I love sia

    28. Dadjinm

      I will have nightmares about this...I’m sure😔👌🏻

    29. Janey and Erin

      This was posted the day I was born XD

    30. Pankaj Karmakar

      11years back she has done that

    31. Arcanjo Miguel

      I only now realize shes doing sign language

    32. Alex LOL

      Yo queriendo leer los comentarios y todos están en ingles :(

      1. ღMitzuki Chanღ

        Cierto que sad

    33. Tihamèr Balogh


    34. MovieStar V


    35. Crypto

      Lol wtf is this

    36. dylan

      Why does this remind me of that robot girl i forgot what the name was but she sang a weird song

      1. Puro

        i FeEl FaNtAsTiC tAy TaY tAaAy

    37. Babecookie Gacha

      Sia ta dando uma de doida

      1. Alisson Alves


    38. R X


    39. Sunset . Pastel:3

      I like it that it is in 2008

    40. lol why


    41. lol why


    42. Natália de Souza

      Very cute 😍

    43. Nicole Panza Martinez


    44. onigiriburger

      2019 ????

    45. Jamie Ann

      Hi Sia

    46. Kiwi Cthulu


    47. eVa


    48. shaikh daniyal


    49. ali_yahh

      When sia wasn’t famous..

    50. Sahra blvck

      This was 1 Month and 1 week befor my brothers b day he is 9

    51. Beril Ony


    52. {K} Çhaŕĺėý


    53. Macaroni Toucarni

      So cute

    54. Angie LaRocco

      dang u were just a normal person now a big celebrity

    55. Deketh


    56. Timea Lechmanová

      2019 ? 💜

    57. It’s Kendall

      We know what your face looks like

    58. R E E M A


    59. Ůndead Kïd 182

      I heard at the end "love cereal" whoop..

    60. 21 years on earth

      Bruh..its Not f Halloween!!

    61. wqerwretrhfgnbcv DOLPHIN :O

      i was only 1 when this was filmed now I’m 11

      1. Momin

        wqerwretrhfgnbcv DOLPHIN :O and now you’re 12

    62. xhorxhi


    63. RUEHK

      Bruh this is weird

    64. Tomatofy

      I was, two years old when this came out....

    65. zweroy vv


    66. GS NGS


    67. A A

      I'm Scared!🙃

      1. Joody Fouad

        A A same sis

    68. Amel La Cristal

      love u

    69. Jadzia Giea

      Kto w 2018

    70. MagicDrawing

      It looks like a

      1. random person

        No hell no

    71. Alexis Aguilar

      2018 '???'

      1. hm boom


      2. Hyper Dontia

        @Hoaht 2019 loooool

      3. Hoaht

        Alexis Aguilar 2029?

    72. Krn


      1. La Patri Fe

        Krn i

    73. Smush Official

      We love you, Sia.

    74. Krn


    75. BLACK ROSE

      Awww... Sia stop being so cute.

      1. Sakura Chan’

        MAGICVibes yup cute

    76. Nicolás Restrepo Torres

      I can see that avant-garde album upcoming.

    77. Any Brzla

      This is weird and crazy, I love it!!!!!!

    78. Sia Furler

      I love sia furler amazing talented ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍👍👍

    79. Maddie Paton

      Well now I know what to send to my family this year when it's Christmas time

      1. Maddie Paton

        Any Brzla They honestly weren't surprised they all know how much I love Sia

      2. Any Brzla

        FakeMaddie 26 what the say??? is so cute to me I would love that somebody and me this 😂😂😂

      3. Maddie Paton

        Any Brzla I was too scared to send it to my family so I just sent it to my friends lmao

      4. Any Brzla

        FakeMaddie 26 did you do it???? What they say?? 😂😂😂

    80. טל זילברמן


    81. Myles

      this is terrifying.

      1. I AM SWAGGG

        Myles u are YOU JUST GOT ROASTED

      2. Howard the Alien

        Evelin Lahens tf how

      3. evelin ?

        Then dont watch it .... This is fucking funny and cute

      4. Solar Eclipse

        Terrifyingly amazing

    82. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      hahha sia is craycray!

    83. Ashley amelia

      she is scary

    84. Dev Marvelous

      I love the music. Thumbs up if you watch this throughout the year...

    85. Natasha Jones


    86. anything4what

      @Bobsledism Yeah I know, it just sounds like "seal".

    87. R. Strodel

      nice use on sign language

    88. anything4what

      Love Seal.

    89. Little Uchiha

      I can really appreciate her! Both her music and herself, she's just... you know, always herself. Don't care about what others say and think, just do your thang!!

    90. Dancing Spiderman

      i lvoe Sia the boss jus called sez we need to change over to fuzzy logic starting first thing monday morning

    91. CaitlinChaden

      thats cute :)

    92. Devy

      I love SIA! she changed my life!

      1. S H R E K - 全能

        BrOOO this comment im commenting on is 10 years old *shock*

      2. Franklin Shady

        Mine too, brother. :)

      3. evelin ?

        Ollie Clark when I was a lil girl (like 4 years) I heard clap your hands on the radio and my mom said that I said to her "oh mom I love that song" ....and I STILL LOVE it ...all her songs are amazig

      4. Ollie Clark

        Still love her? ;)

    93. sjorsvb

      Seems like Sia is trying to become a music idol for the deaf, no just kidding :) She is wonderful!

      1. Ju Ggfrc

        Look today :)