Sia - "Chandelier" Dance Mashup


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    2. Girl With The Blue Glasses

      I am eternally grateful to Sia for making this. So many expressions of emotion, love and hope. It’s truly beautiful...❤️

    3. Three Pujante

      This real put me the smile on

    4. Joseane Rodrigues

      Love now . .

    5. Cindy Gacha

      Uhm anyone notice theres jimmy Fallon in there

    6. Aurora- Sama

      Childern shouldn't see the Clip of Chandelier or do the dance! It means pain, mental illness, Broken heart.....and no one would understand it!! Children are the Icon of happiness and's not a good Idea ig.

    7. Aurora- Sama

      The best one dancer is . . . . Maddie Ziegler.

    8. mísαkα sαnꨄ

      This is 2020😂😂

    9. AJ Flores

      This is what happens to us this quarantine.

    10. David Dickinson

      < Dance 💚 >

    11. Sufiee Uzair


    12. Joudy Mohamed

      It's not good at all

    13. Lina


    14. Hearth Dance

      This video deserves more Views!!!

    15. José Luis Palma Herrera

      Each person gives an element of beauty to this video. I love it!!

    16. Natália de Souza

      Amei! Haha

    17. vane vane

      Todos juntos bailando chedelier

    18. The Blue Eyes

      No one can do this dance with fast except Maddie Ziegler 2019? I still watching

    19. Georgeharrison Georgeharrison

      are dancers in sia keep to the life

    20. Natalia Basaldua

      Hola sia yo adoro todas tus canciones mi favorita es elástica heart a mi me gusta mucho bailar y expresarme al mismo tiempo aunque algunos me vean rara yo amo hacerlo

    21. Cristian Morales

      I love this

    22. CrystalCritter

      The black guy seriously was the best. I saw his video and he gets the facial expressions and all the little movements, everything he can do he does. He really nailed it. Amazing.

    23. Lıghtz Reoo

      Well i though only girls like /do that dance,except jimmy,and the boy,,, and than that was so many boy!good work sia!

    24. Lıghtz Reoo

      Any 2019?

    25. 11 Edwin


    26. Rafael Avila

      Waaauuu es increíble como la música de sia hace mover no sólo el cuerpo de las personas si no también parte de su alma, adoro a sia.

    27. Willy Rights

      that too emotional cause being in a room we get mad and this songs make us be independent

    28. SadGT MITO


    29. Josephine Hanke

      I used to dance that in my room years ago, and i just destroyed the mattress of my bed when i did the back falling thing, it just cracked in the middle, sorry for bad english im german :D

    30. Juan Castro

      Wow 2:18 I did not know that other people could do that flip trick I though only Maddie could do that but no other people could do that

      1. CrystalCritter

        That's just a front aerial.

    31. Valentyne Music Mashups is BACK

      RIP Titanium because of this xD

    32. إنجَي المالكي.


    33. Krn


      1. Krn

        بشرى • Bushra Sia the singer

      2. إنجَي المالكي.

        Krn what?

    34. Guillermo Suarez Risso


    35. Vivan los Gatos

      Y RoEnLaRed? :/

    36. Aggeliki Tachtatzi

      I love this....I love SIA ! She’s is so fucking original! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    37. Gabriela Monteiro


    38. Shalimar Ria

      The part with the curtain

    39. Sneha Bhandari

      Lol this is like a parody video Love it ❤

    40. Tai Lam


    41. Cristian Alejandro

      03:32 she's the original dancer, Maddie.

    42. cristiwinsi

      I love

    43. Horacio Garcia Tijerino

      I love sia.and chadelier

    44. Karen Marshall

      pause at 3:31 who is in the background hmmm

    45. Luis Ruiz

      I liked

    46. JT Jensen

      I am drunk, i like this, cus it`s life, and i am just holding on for dear life, just holding on for to night, so fuck it.

    47. Peach


    48. Fabio Catalano


    49. JahsehsLove


    50. Jose Hidalgo

      2:17 clap clap clap, better than maddie

    51. Rosalie Mightyside

      lol xdd



    53. Patch Productions


    54. Sinthia Fernandes

      This was really funny!! lol

    55. Brianna

      this video is my life😜

    56. maimai Miamia

      Everytime I hear her songs I have to cry........ Thanx SIA :)

    57. Anthony Scozzari

      Immagin' the fat guy doing a balancing act

    58. Nallely SC

      i just love this video

    59. Major Creative

      Amazing vocal performance by an amazing artist! Thanks for the inspiration SIA. I just made number 2 on reverbnation charts EDM for Los Angeles. Go Aussies!

    60. BlueAlpaca

      Is the Mexican dude that guy from Jimmy Kimmel? xD

      1. Angee

        Guillermo! HAAAAAA! Fuckin Guillermo. Poor guy hhahaa.

      2. Janna D •


    61. shazia khurram


      1. /μ's/ cinnamon


    62. Janette Sanchez


    63. Paige foster

      sia's music..🙌🏻🙌🏻

    64. Kerstin Kaufmann

      I Love YOU,,,THOMAS,,,,,

    65. Mike Nation

      none of them are nearly as good as maddie

    66. Delores C

      Here are more of your fans. I tried to make a video myself but I haven't mastered how to do a split.

    67. Tristian Campbell-Barker

      This video is me everyday! 😂😂😂

    68. Mark Ruiz

      Stupid dummies you are all doing it wrong I just like

    69. Natt GH

      Ste no es el canal oficial!! El oficial es: ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ SiaVEVO ¡No se equivoquen!

    70. Emeric Pellizzari

      Lol le gros porc qui tombe sur le lit XD

    71. Ted M

      4 words..#SIA IS THE BEST

    72. Sydney F.

      This is actually super cute

    73. Ferrer Zorola

      now watch it without sound.

      1. nelliehoney

        I am 😂😂😂

      2. Ferrer Zorola

        @***** I wanna thank my parents 😢😜😜😜

      3. Ferrer Zorola

        @Sly Vlad um why is my comment rude

      4. Sly Vlad

        U rude dude :)))

    74. Alejandra Estrella

      hahahah!! maddie heeeelppp !!

    75. weapons mistress tenten-chan

      Every time I hear this song I just want to dance and cry at the same time. But the only problem is that my dancing is terrible and it just would not do this amazing song Justice

    76. Полина Аксенова

      WOW!!!!! THEY VERY LOVE SIA!!!!!!! *-*

    77. Underrated Critic

      The Hailey Beasley one is easily the best!

    78. Lautaro Pieropan

      Months ago to try Sia follow me on twitter :(

    79. Mandoz Z

      this is an evil version!! hahaha

    80. Qualquer coisa

      i want cry now, shit!

    81. Exquise Me?!

      FREEDOM! ♥

    82. Andromeda Lasso

      I understand wanting to cry. Seeing so many different people inspired by one awesome thing. Unifying. That's pretty damn cool. :)

    83. chaotiklink

      The little girl was adorable.

    84. Georgescu Ion

      some dancers are pretty good. Like the fat guy :D

    85. jjlwis

      this really changed the song for me.... in a good way!

    86. jf ln

      faltó esta version :O

    87. Extra

      Does she have Instagram??

    88. Salomón Fraile


    89. César Cárdenas

      There are many people obsessed about swinging from the chandelier :) I´m one of those LOL but I´m still trying... Just loved the video!!!

    90. EyeMaze

      It makes me wonder how many people got injured while trying to recreate this dance :D

      1. BLACK ROSE

        EyeMaze lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    91. y.anique

      This mash-up is cool

    92. Patricia S

      The best part I love is thee hardest routine 2:41, well done everyone thou

    93. Denny Jeremy

      party girls hooked easily :(

    94. sage povernick

      The girl I liked the most was the one at 1:55

    95. Mud Kip1

      I laughed when the girl at 2:46 actually grabbed and swung her chandelier.

    96. Mari Jo

      lol . yay . ewe .

    97. helen rowles

      Ahhhhhh I made it on there 10 times!!!!!! Thanks so much sia for noticing me Ly 😘😘

    98. bajifarhat

      my instagram just exploded with followers from *instaPHAMOUS. COM*

    99. Alison Huang

      So funny lol

    100. Ada

      hahahhhaahaha loved it!!! BTW, MAN I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG #siarules #chandelier