Sia - "Chandelier" coming March 17


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    March 17, 2014

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    1. Tala twh

      This aged good

    2. Dev K

      And 6 years later it's one of the biggest songs in the last ten years....🔥🔥🔥

    3. Arati Biswas

      It's the now iconic Chandelier by Sia

    4. Edin

      And so it begins...

    5. Aastha Mishra 12A1 01

      Nostalgia hits hard 😭❤️

    6. Aurora- Sama

      Woah!! I came from the future!! I saw how much Sia developed!! 3years made her get hit everyone to have 2.4B views!! I luv Sia i'm happy that she could handle all the pain♡ She's a survivor, Artist, Tough!! . . . . #Team_Sia 👑

      1. Aurora- Sama

        @Giovanni Me too!♡❄👑

      2. Giovanni


    7. Aadhi A blink

      At that time, no one knows that this will be a billion hit song

    8. Prashant Bhardwaj

      its so low views what the fuck

    9. Radhwane dib


    10. Madelaine Juárez


    11. Natália de Souza


    12. ccolinnnn

      Where it all began

    13. Lorde Pure heroine

      This is possibly Sia’s best decision she’s ever made in her life! This song is one of the biggest songs in the music industry now!

    14. Ale Vallejos

      2018 i love sia😍

    15. ShIr LeY


    16. LAFRIAKH Abdellatif

      I'm from the future and this video has 2 billions views

      1. Anshika Sharma

        Yaa.. you were right

    17. Элла Архоменко

      Вернулась так вернулась 😍❤

    18. Kelly Datin

      best dancer I will ever know and beautiful voice

    19. Shibsankar Paul

      That's good... thanks

    20. Ricardo Marcha

      Vas a traer nuevo album en 2017?

    21. Harrist Lanz


      1. Exodia Lmfao

        2.3 now!

    22. Michiyo

      That's so good! I really like to see her evolution

    23. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      Wow it feels nostalgic lol coming back haha I still replay this vid because I was anxious of it dropping and here is the whole album I cry

    24. Anny Huse

      Guys, song is already out, and if you don't like the Chandelier, you just don't know what music is!

    25. Jay Grice

      OK its time!! ^.^ Where is it?? How do I get my ears on it?? XD

    26. temeraire 27

      i love her voice, it's absolutely stunning. and this short preview sonds quite awesome

    27. Aidan Wong

      i don't care what people say. Sia is awesome. Whatever she makes, it's awesome and will always be awesome.

    28. Afonso Henrie

      Now that you're world wide famous, i hope it doesn't change you

      1. The Average Alex

        I agree she is now extremely popular, however she was recognised internationally when she released 'some people have real problems' so she has been famous worldwide since 2008.

      2. Mathew Price

        @The Average Alex well shes never been more popular. She has been famous but not worldwide.

      3. The Average Alex

        ... You realise that she has been "world famous" for a very long time right? Like very long time.

      4. Davi Sabbag

        oh please shut up...

    29. hansol


    30. JessicaR79

      :) good to hear you again Sia. hope you are feeling better now. thought you may never actually sing again. and i was very sad. cool hearing your music through other artists in the meantime tho. your rendition of your songs you write for them is always better tho.

    31. Charley Wilde

      Idc if she sold out I just love hearing her voice

    32. Aonaskull

      I can't wait :o

    33. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      I love this preview sia cant wait to rape the buy button on iTunes your a musical human angel :3

    34. David Bevan

      She's a complete sell out into the mainstream bullshit, I don't like this song already and I don't think I'll be too keen on the album :( Disappointed Sia

      1. Breoreos1

        @David Bevan Firstly, all opinions have the right to be stated. If you dislike her for being a "popular artist" that is fine. However, when you post about it on a website that features her fans, you are bound to get comments asking why you feel this way. Your opinion is she is a complete sell out because she is mainstream. However this is illogical. What is the difference between an artist who gets no play time on the radio and an artist who does? Okay, I'll admit that sometimes that does change an artist, however that hasn't happened to Sia. Yet, to not listen to an artist just because they are mainstream shows a lot of your personality and fans of Sia have the right to give their opinion on what's wrong with it and why you should change it.

      2. David Bevan

        Nice to see you're all a bunch of a fuckwits to someone simply sharing their opinion.

      3. Sonnix Jackson

        Please correct yourself now since the results are out now. The song is a crash!

      4. allstarz123456

        @David Bevan nah she's not mainstream scum. you're just an attention seeking, irrational, bitter, insufferable, annoying, lonely guy with no desire of ever compromising to anything as if your wants are any more important than anyone else's. let me tell you, you are not very attractive, and that you cannot change, your personality however that you can change and I suggest you do it because nobody likes someone with your personality and I don't think you want to end up alone in life? for whatever reason.

      5. allstarz123456

        @David Bevan dude really get the fuck out with that "stop being homophobic" shit. it has NOTHING to do with your sexuality or gender identification. You are the reason why us LGBTQ's are deemed as self-victimizing. just don't.

    35. gerardos256

      She has Evolved so much T.T Can't wait.

    36. maszlagma

      Yay! I'm so happy! Sia I missed you, I hope you make a tour out of it as well! Please?

    37. framebyframe

      Hope her next album can retain the sincerity and soul of her older stuff

      1. Hijo Luna

        @olimario sadly its going to pe more pop....

    38. (Not)James

      I can't physically wait for this.

    39. Bret Valdez

      slay the world, my queen!!!!

    40. Alex Skye

      The video is unlisted. No wonder I couldn't google it no matter what I did.@_@ I've been googling 'Sia Chandelier' every day since march 11. Lol

    41. caesarlivenloud

      sounds like a smash hit for me

      1. caesarlivenloud

        a HUGE smash hit :D ♥

      2. deinwale jone

        It was ❤

    42. Edward Gaffney

      YES YES YES!!!!!!!

    43. Bridgette Dance

      Is this her first single

      1. Leonardo Soberbo

        @Bridgette Dance No, it's not

      2. Bridgette Dance

        @Pattrik Winchester ok thankyou very much

      3. Pattrik Winchester

        it is

      4. Bridgette Dance

        @Mark Zo yes thats what i meant, shouldve been more clear sry. but do you know if it is?

      5. Louie

        @Pattrik Winchester maybe she mean first single off that album

    44. Danny Sawyer

      YAY!!!!!! =D

    45. landth78


    46. Rashed Ali

      I HATE YOU !!! ONLY 10 SECONDS ??? NO !

    47. michyrock1

      I CAN'T WAIT

    48. Karl Karstens

      i've never been so excited for an album holy shit

    49. Matías Ávila

      We're waiting for you Sia!!!

    50. stilludonotanswer

      Yes Yes YESSS!!

    51. Simon Hey

      Can't wait ... only 10 sec and it's amazing

    52. framebyframe


    53. Lewis Ingram

      C.A.N.T. W.A.I.T!!

    54. Powerbottom25


    55. mariano borletto


    56. Sir. Dave

      YESSSSSS! Can't wait, NEED a new album from Sia. She is PURE PERFECTION!

    57. Christine Scolari


      1. landth78

        omg siabiggestfan!!!! u must be losing your MIND even more than I am!

    58. igorsutak

      cool :)

    59. Christine Scolari


    60. Iñigo Urizar Lete

      OMG Can't wait for the whole thing to come out.

      1. Christine Scolari


    61. Gabriel Brown

      This is AMAZING.

      1. Christine Scolari

        I KNOW IT IS

    62. UmahMkay