Sia Sunday Video


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    Sia's self-directed video to her song 'Sunday'.

    For more info on Sia, including links to buy tour tickets and new album 'some people have REAL problems', visit

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    1. saint kiddo

      I love this song so much

    2. E-T-K treasure-enhypen

      Su voz a cambiado uwu

    3. Алмаз Насыров

      I really live this song

    4. Samanta Strautiņa

      I few days started to dig in Sia's discography and... I LOVE THIS ALBUM Colour the small one!

    5. Kayleigh Davis

      this is strangely unsettling but i like it

    6. rifky rookie

      Wow Gloomy Sunday🤣✌️

    7. Kevhyn Aleks

      This song start reminds me to the "Strawberry fields", and the clip to Fellini's "La Strada"....The whole song is unearthly, provocative and deadly deep, as many Sia song...We need analyze the whole lyrics, to understand whats going on, and this clip - as part of the song making more complex the interpretation. Almost everybody humiliating her in this clip, and she just laughing....I feel so sadness to watching this, as this is an artistic mirror to the whole world....I dont think working anybody in the music "industry" with same grandiouse geniousity as Sia. I dont think anybody else able to putting us on the edge of our emotions: watching a "happy" song-clip, and feeling our tears unstopable falling down to our face....This saying more about our World than one million other song...No my friends, this is how the true Art working

    8. Meccarox

      The song skips slightly in this video.

    9. Meccarox

      This song is very good. I wish the video was uploaded in higher quality.

    10. saint kiddo


    11. Gabriel Silva

      Eu te amo tanto... ♥️😔✨

    12. Federation Gaming

      Beautiful song and still my favorite from Sia.

    13. Fish the Musician

      From Grey's Anatotomy

    14. Chen Jia Yi

      It's 2020 still im watching this again

    15. rubber communist

      Thank you SIA........ At the lowest point of my life. I beat heroin and alcohol addiction 2 years ago. I lost everything and everyone. So is it wrong for me to feel and be so lonely? This is my bed. Discovering your music, Christmas 2020. I don't feel so alone now.......

    16. ʇᴉɥs ɥo

      there are still people here. impressive

    17. hitokuineko


    18. Tom Roberts

      The feels

    19. Enrico elio Scollante

      This needs more views

    20. A ali


    21. shaik FAWAZ

      Almost 6 years.. omg Edited: Omg thank you for 3 likes.😄

    22. Hora dos Aleatórios



        aaaa vi q vc é fã da Sia

    23. Giovanni


    24. lowqualitywaffle

      how amazing life was.

    25. Carboplox 22

      One day i saw this song and i like it so much but i forget it´s name and now that i found it i will never forget it again, im so happy for found it

    26. Aurora- Sama

      I didn't understand why everybody is hurting our S I A

    27. astro gamer gt

      I love you sia

    28. John Smith

      Just wish we had the HD video.

    29. Carleigh Nielsen

      This song sounds a bit like gloomy Sunday

    30. Julia Antongiovanni Joselevitch

      Petition for Sia to go on tour with her old work lol

    31. lowqualitywaffle

      i miss her back then. still love her now!

    32. MFTube

      Oh, the same tshirt after years...

    33. ytsfd

      Hard to be sure, but I think this is my joint favourite Sia track, along with Buttons.

    34. Derill Troy Tacang

      I this to get retake, modern version

    35. --

      SIA!!!!! THAT ENDING SCARED ME ☠☠😭😭😭

    36. len sen

      why is he walking on a sia stomach??? Savage

    37. Dean McGee

      I love the bits, where the CD skips, that’s how you make hits.... 🤘🏻

    38. Only The Truth

      Only real fans ❤️

    39. ki lo

      歌詞もMVも全く意味わからんけど めちゃくちゃ中毒性あってめちゃくちゃ聴いてる自分がいる

    40. Oguzhan Yılmaz


    41. Dean McGee

      Very nice 👐

    42. Carlos Andres




    44. 1

      Oz weed must be great stuff

    45. Caput Medusae


      Why are they all mistreating her 🥺


      Is she drunk? 😂😵

    48. Luan Foro

      Só eu que sofro com esse vídeo?

      1. Alexandre Galeano

        Não ksksk

    49. Gabriel Ferreira

      R E M A S T E R E D

    50. Lucas Pérez


    51. Jhoan Borges

      This is still one of my favorites.

    52. More2thisthanaloveplanet

      Hi Sia. I see you from where I’m at. You’re fine just like me. We are here and at least we aren’t where we used to be. That was too comfortable for our desires. ♥️

    53. Bryan Hynniewta

      Much underrated^_^

    54. Brayden Kammers

      Greys anatomy season 1 episode 4

    55. John Darlagiannis

      Sad videoclip.Emotional and great lyrics/voice.Underrated:)

    56. Dee Lect

      I'm just happy she can fly!!.😊

    57. Gian TM

      Sia is so happy in this video! 😍

    58. Vanesa Panto

      Amo está cancion

    59. We Are Lovatics - Demi

      She released this on my 5th birthday

    60. Natália de Souza

      Love this song 😍

    61. 롤로롤로


    62. C S

      I love Sia so much. I really do "get" her artistry and her voice is simply incredible and so complex at the same time.

    63. vlad gol

      I would love to listen to this on a flithy good stereo or really good 2k headphones

    64. Juli Ansyah

      No matter what she Soo good 👍

    65. bobtheboozer15

      if I've had a good Friday night and Saturday night this is my Sunday,this song nails that feeling

    66. Nit Majera

      Old is gold people couldn't understand her talent but she made everyone understand.

    67. 𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘥𝘦𝘳

      Listen to this every Sunday

    68. ayu ,

      i'm lovin for Sia 🇯🇵

    69. Lisa Vermeij

      Omg that darts just mist🤯

    70. Lak Vanny


    71. Sam Morison

      Lol why did I think that dog was a bear

    72. Crybaby arianator nelstar katelyn trowbridge

      Sia you are queen

    73. H. D. M.A.

      i can totally understand this video and the message behind it.

    74. alphabbbe


    75. Bulut und Hanna Duman

      I knew her with this song. I thing this is still one of the best!

    76. Daniela R

      That shirt is great

    77. Frank salaya


    78. John Homer

      Any place i can get a better quality video of this?

    79. AZ

      Classic Sia! Love it!

    80. Layla Bishop

      Omg this song is everything!!! Love Sia SO MUCH! BUT WHAT THE HECK!?? 2:58 THIS GUY LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY BROTHER WTF? It's not him but like, doppelgänger!!!

    81. Evan Malcolm

      Greys Anatomy brought me here

    82. Emanuel Silva

      1:16 essa doeu em mim.

    83. Emanuel Silva

      4K ULTRA HD 60 FPS!

    84. Leslie B

      So cute 😍 :3

    85. Rafael Santos

      Finalmente liberaram!!!!!

    86. everyvillainislemons

      Sia's smile is so beautiful in here

    87. Moises Castro

      I'm watching this on Sunday lol

    88. John Doe

      yes! finally i can see this video😭😭

    89. Cashual


    90. Alex Larios


    91. Semiseko

      Yes. Its sunday. And this song is perfect.

    92. Csortoss Virág

      3:11 omg she is loene

    93. Sudharsan Ravichandran_Cuts

      Because of greys anatomy... 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    94. Christine Grunert

      Lol, i am watching this on a Sunday

    95. David Milla

      Ohhhh alfin lo puedo ver por mi celular

    96. Krn


    97. Kevin Cook

      Make it busyer

    98. Krn


    99. John Doe

      Why??? The video can't i watched.....

    100. BLACK ROSE

      This video is not available. 😭😭😭😭😭 I want to watch it. 😞😭

      1. monalisha das

        Sia Furler Admirer love sia

      2. BLACK ROSE

        It"s working. Thank You :)

      3. monalisha das

        watch in computer or mobile phone browser