Sia x ASPCA - Puppies Are Forever PSA


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    Puppies are forever ❤️ 🐶 pledge to make pet adoption your first option with ASPCA:
    Sia - Everyday Is Christmas
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    1. Priscylla Sousa

      Esse cachrro é da sia? Quem sabe diz

    2. Carolina Pozzo

      Beatuful ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

    3. Thomas Chen


    4. Dennis Duran

      Maddi ziler

    5. Chris RJ

      Same for kittens.

    6. M i m i P l x y s

      I thought it was Maddie.

    7. Cheyenne Wyatt

      i cried



    9. PRI

      _Hello_ *Sia* *Maddie*

    10. Diamond Nebula

      Who got here from Sia's Twitter?

    11. criminal YT


    12. Burik Channel


    13. Gaby Martins

      Happy birthday sia 💕💕

    14. Yonca Yildiz


    15. Хватит Шуметь

      Живёшь, живёшь. Умрёшь и в ад пойдёшь. Какой смысл было в этом, если не искать Истину

    16. meow chan

      umm... maddie

    17. José María Canto Estrella

      "Puppies are 4 ever" -Were's Hachi now?

    18. mexbiuri

      PERFECT SONG FOR THE SEASON!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Clara Gonzàlez

      OF COURSE! They are animals NOT TOYS, and adopting them means accepting the responsibility of caring for and loving an animal, it does not mean bringing something to your home that entertains and entertains you, much less provides happiness. He doesn't owe you anything, he doesn't have the function of giving you happiness, even though for being so selfish you believe that. ADOPT TO LOVE!

    20. RetroRoboDog

      :) cool :)

    21. מיה זיגלבוים


    22. Breany Martinez

      What did I just watch😂😮

    23. Natália de Souza

      ¡Esa mujer tiene un corazón maravilloso!💝

    24. Raivis Paskevics

      I think Boss Baby hates Sia😂😂😂

    25. Luci Matt

      Dance momsss Maddie y Kensi las extrañooo😍

    26. Juan Zuniga

      What about the kittens?

    27. R a n d o m. I O. P l a y s


    28. Ahmad Nasery

      I love you sia 💚 Maddie 💚

    29. -Mary-

      Haha XD Maddie looks funny dressed like that

    30. kissiz baby


    31. Xxri rixx

      The first time I watched sia I didn’t know she was maddie Ziegler. Then sometimes on UKup the vids say recom

      1. Xxri rixx

        I mean recommend for u and the I went to her channel and I new it was her

    32. Lightning beast

      I sia sister

    33. Camila Alejandra Basora Castañeda

      I love you sía and maddie ziegler

    34. Lisa Austa

      I bet everyone who watched this video owns a dog and is nodding so hard right now 😂

    35. Brankica Radonjic

      Maddie and Sia, I love you

    36. LemonStudio 101

      What about kittens?😿🐱🐱

    37. Rachel rot

      Wow wow wow

    38. GAIA E MAURA

      Ciao sia sono maura

    39. Rubin Chavarria

      Fuck cats , get a doggo

    40. # love animals

      I love Every Day is Christmas 😍 I hope lots of dogs and cats will find a good new home🐕🐈 Love you Sia 😍

    41. 陈祖华

      When will the sia come to China

    42. Mais Musicas


    43. Mais Musicas


    44. Dr. Arcanine

      Que cachorro fofo

    45. Artsyliz

      OMG XD

    46. Carla Sanz

      Ohhh que fofura. Amei 😍

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    48. Alice Seo

      I love Sia and Puppies

    49. Rafaela Machado

      Love sia

    50. Nguyễn Ngọc Trúc Quỳnh


    51. Mari Carmen h

      She loves animals FOREVER 😍😍😍I love Sia

    52. Caleb Audia

      Is this a commercial? Like on TV?

    53. Emily Eklund

      maddies face tho😂😂

    54. -서뿌양

      한쿡팬 임미다

    55. V Surprise TV

      I had a dog for 14 years and half. My love passed away but she still is in my 💓


      my this is quite lovely and heartwarming sia! :) :D XD

    57. Felipe Contreras

      Sia🌲 happy cuismas

    58. DasPikachu

      And please don't get breeds like the dog in the video (pugs, bulldogs, etc. - except you adopt one, this doesnt support the breeder ofc) because they are overbred and often have serious health problems, just because people want them to look pretty! Inform yourselves before you're getting a purebred dog! Thank you.

    59. Marulina

      Amazing ❤

    60. Hyuuga Aleyna

      Oh my god She is so cute 💕

    61. NOxprexon

      This is one of the many reasons i love sia. Some of her songs are powered by a cause 😍😍😍

    62. shhkitten

      maddy me recuerda a taylor momsen de niña. ❤️

    63. BLACK ROSE

      All the 18 dislikers must be cruel to animals.

    64. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Oh, wow, this is nice! 😁👌❤

    65. 尺寸folk


    66. Alan Villalobos

      Queen 😍

    67. GalliaDragonmoon


    68. Pietro Della Mea

      Omg!!! Lil Pump got the same hair color xD

    69. ZAKARIA ØŁ

    70. Josh J

      Sia is such a good person ❤

    71. turgsh01

      Wow, what an incredibly pointless video and message which probably cost a lot of money to make.

    72. Little Miss Yessi

      I hope you have a merry and bright Christmas, Sia 🎄🎁❤

    73. flor XD


    74. Tuana civelek

      Sia is such a nice person love her so f*cking much

    75. Ruba 01621


    76. Roman Chen

      its so weird hearing her just saying "puppies are forever" rather than singing it lol

    77. Buse Cik


    78. Byron Clown

      God... I'm a annoyed .

    79. Murilo Silva

      Best song, loveeee

    80. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

      *POPPIES* are forever.... *POPPY IS FOREVER*

    81. Rey Miguz

      love You Sia :*

    82. Jessy Campos

      Jsjsjsbwbabjab brasillllll

    83. Théa Devaux

      Je préfère largement les chats, mais tant que tu aimes les animaux, c'est déjà bien, Queen Sia 😄

    84. Mike nazzal

      Sia is forever, not just for christmas ❤_❤

    85. Дария Короткова

      LOVE ❤ YOU ❤ SIA❤

    86. Juanjo Quiroga

      Te amo sia

    87. Yeymi Fernandez

      Soy la única que ama a Sia y habla español 😢

    88. You tube felhasználó 2.0

      I love it!!!

    89. Ezequiel Quispe

      Sia, you are perfect❤🌙

    90. Sia is Love I Sia is Life

      best human being best vocalist best songwriter best activist

      1. Baigagee

        Sia is Love I Sia is Life. Love your Sia content been a sub for a while its good to see you here :3

    91. Nathan Barta

      I like sia, but not this song. She can do a lot better than this

    92. Baigagee

      I love Sia and puppies ♥♥♥

    93. Rian Souza

      quem brasileiro quer entra para o grupo de fã da sia?

    94. Kimmy _G

      Bless you Sia😭😭😭😭😭

    95. Amanda


    96. doctor hunter

      😀I should consider that you have yet been a kind person even for animals as i am grateful to see people like you with such a great kindness and generouse to spend some time in small projects. " What makes you a kind person is your ressponsibilty caring for others and with no regrets nor doubt in your life, i'm sure you will see people appreciate your effort in these small projects" A qoute from my mentor just to remind you along the way as i never knew you liked animals as well miss sia. 🎄 Have a great thanksgiving day and merry christmas to you miss sia😉👏👏👍

    97. Jacopo Trevisan

      Chi è italiano

    98. Joshua Valle :D

      I love you Sia!😍😭🐶

    99. En Riz

      Dislike= dumbshit

    100. Zig Zang