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    “Round and Round" from 'Everyday Is Christmas' and as featured in Target's 2018 holiday campaign - out everywhere now! Stream & download the album: + get it at Target
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      I love you Sia ❤️

    2. Isaiah Harrell

      The melody is so catchy.

    3. Sunnycloundx

      How could 844 people dislike this song?

    4. Ava Hudson

      I love you 😘😍❤💘

    5. Ezequiel Romero


    6. Ezequiel Romero


    7. Ezequiel Romero

      7777788885888553656968 988885555355553666332

    8. Thomas Bryant

      I love her voice

    9. Air Conditioning

      No I am not even american, I barely know what target even is-

      1. gorilla foot

        a superstore like walmart. less crazy people but with more pretentious people who spend more for stuff you'll find at walmart for less. its an okay store though

    10. peebuki

      this song always plays at my job and it’s one of the only christmas songs i like too bad sia sucks 😭 literally the biggest disappointment of the year

      1. gorilla foot

        how is sia "a literal piece of trash"?

      2. peebuki

        wait apparently this is a cover so 😐 her voice and style is so pretty tho i just wish she wasn’t a literal piece of trash 😭😭

    11. Gülbahar Yılmaz


    12. Sienna Evangelista


    13. Ezequiel Romero


    14. Jan Andersen

      Perry Como and the Ray Charles singers had the original US number one hit in 1957.

    15. Thomas Murphy


    16. Janet Kelly

      Amazing song

    17. Savi ZeLeaf


    18. The Immortal Sun-kun

      She is so cute.


      Who’s here in December 2020? 👇

    20. Erica Lauren Horn

      Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

    21. 상처를 치료해 줄 3억 어디 없나

      이 노래 ㄹㅇ 좋은데 왜 많이 모르는 것 같지ㅠㅜㅠ

    22. Harrison morgan

      This song use ti come in my TV i loved the song since 2018

    23. Jaime Rojano

      Christmas 2020!!!! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

    24. Ayanna Bryant

      Still a hit in 2020🔥🔥🔥

    25. masterofbloopers

      I found this on Pandora. Didn’t even know Target used it in a commercial. This doesn’t even sound like a Christmas carol. That being said, I freakin’ love it!

    26. Rhema Price

      I have a problem with this song It’s too short

    27. Joslynn Morrison

      I'll be the comment you're looking for that's from 2020

    28. Stevie Bautista

      Thank you Target

    29. Honest Opinion

      Wishing this song didn’t even exist


        Wishing this comment didn’t even exist

    30. Taeyongs Teeth


    31. electricviolet

      Listen to this part, this is where it really takes off, wait for it... 1:23 there!

    32. Asuru Baliti

      sia,i love your Christmas album so much! you are the first after frank sinatra🎄2020 ends with you and starts happy 2021with you tooo

    33. C. Plaisance

      Love this womans voice

    34. Hora dos Aleatórios

      Amo 😍

    35. Afonso


    36. Ingenium

      This took forever to find now I am so glad I did

    37. Chance

      i didn’t know this was in a target commercial, lol it just plays at my job everyday. (target btw)

      1. Ambrose

        @Chance Haha, that's funny. I'm listening to it now because it's getting into that time of the year again!

      2. Chance

        @Ambrose nope! it plays all year!

      3. Ambrose

        Did it just start playing recently? It's supposed to be a christmas song.

    38. john johnson

      Now go and listen to the original version by Perry Como.

    39. Garrett Polk

      Who Else wants this back in Targets commercials this year?



    40. Juliet Dietrich

      2020 anyone cus this song makes me happy :)



    41. Piotr Kawa

      From the day of the release of the entire Christmas album, these sounds accompany me throughout the whole Christmas period .. Christmas tree, glass of mulled wine, loved ones .. or night ride in heavy snow fall .. silent , peace and harmony .. and those sounds somewhere in background .. no rush .. just a chill ehh . I wish everyone will have a chance to experience it.

    42. Haeven

      I came from Improv Everywhere. This song is amazing

    43. Alex Snyder

      I remember in Christmas we sang this for our Christmas concert and I was obsessed with this

    44. corgilovers corgis bts army for life

      OMG I love the French Bulldog its sokiikk cute

    45. AJ Flores

      Find the cure and COVID-19 will gone, gone, gone. I 💚 SIA

    46. Drizzy Driq

      Me and my brother used to WAIT for the target commercial to come on just so we can hear this

    47. Matthew Skiba

      Perry Como...the real OG.

    48. Robert Hansen

      I remember searching for Target commercial song. Just like that other Target commercial song meet me in The middle

    49. • Amanda •

      I found this from a channel intro while everyone else found this from a target commercial-

    50. Korede Alabi

      2020 anyone???😀if so, there is something fundamentally wrong with both of us👌🙏

    51. Thee N'Kredible O's

      I LUV THAT SONG and i want it in spanosh cus i was looking for that >:)

    52. Thee N'Kredible O's


    53. roxana revelli

      Sia you are the best singer ever

    54. Lisa Cipriani

      I love you

    55. Jonathan

      I love target 🎯

    56. Puppies Forever

      In the picture that’s Maddie right?

    57. Marlou Padua

      Here from Improv Everywhere.

    58. NetITGeeks

      Well, I came here because of Improv Everywhere because Target closed down in Canada and we don't get the ads/commercials. :(

    59. Nester Beauregard

      Best kind of entertainment in these times :)

    60. Badrun Nesa

      *S- she* *I- is* *A- amazing*

    61. DJPLAYS

      i sing this song round and round

    62. Mushahid Ali

      Improv Everywhere video anyone? The giant boombox.

    63. danny boudreaux

      I got here from an improv everywhere video!

    64. Puten Altaai

      For ever we mien

    65. Puten Altaai

      Paower me armee also in kwiet maps in pantagon transport

    66. Liam Shaughnessy

      Heck Yeah! I saw it on the Target Commercial Too!

    67. daisy

      Everyone is here from the target commercials and I'm here from someone's intro lol

    68. Patryk Niemczewski

      Christmas 2019!!!

    69. Triple Masterpiece

      I bet target sales dropped this year because they didn't run this commercial in 2019

    70. David Williams

      Ma fav music in my music's list!love Sia!

    71. Heather

      That last random key change always throws me.

    72. Roderick Jones

      Wow one of the newst songs i ever love,thanks so much.

    73. Carson Harris

      No one: Target commercials in the holiday season of 2018:

    74. tree elf

      *am I the only one who is here because they like sia and not because of target lmao?*

      1. Hugo Fomperosa Ambrosio

        I'm here just to hear the 2:12 part

    75. Fabio Gabriel

      What's the commerical that everybody's talking about?

    76. Fabio Gabriel

      I can't stop repeating it.

    77. Julia Bautista

      I love this song.

    78. Ella J2

      Find a wheel, and it goes round, round, round As it spins along with a happy sound As it goes, along the ground, ground, ground 'Til it leads you to the one you love And your love will hold you round, round, round And your heart's a song with a brand new sound And your head, goes spinning round, round, round 'Cause you found what you've been dreaming of Oh, in the night, see the lights and moon Going round and round in tune And the ball of snow in the day Makes them all wanna say Find a song (find a song) And sing it round, round, round And with ties so strong, your hearts are bound Hold them near (hold them near) The ones you found, found, found For you know that this is really love Find a wheel (find a wheel) and it goes round, round, round As it skims along with a happy sound As it goes, (as it goes) Along the ground, ground, ground 'Til it leads you to the ones you love And your love (and your love) You'll hold her round, round, round And your heart's a song with a brand new sound And your head (and your head) goes spinning round, round, round 'Cause you found right what you've been dreaming of In the night, you see the lights and moon (the moon) Going round and round in tune (in tune) And the ball of snow in the day (day) Makes them all wanna say Find a song (find a song) and sing it round, round, round And with ties so strong, (oh) your hearts are bound Hold them near (hold them near) The ones you found, found, found For you know that this is really love Find a song, find a song For you know that this is really love Yeah, you know that this is really love

    79. Tyrone King

      I did

    80. 100000% Smash

      Who’s ready for the holidays?

    81. Josh flynn

      This song is soo underrated🥺❤️❤️

      1. Josh flynn

        Anna Fowdy ok so that doesn’t mean its underrated. What i mean by underrated is it was just in a commercial and didn’t win any major awards it deserves🤷🏽‍♂️

      2. Anna Fowdy

        Not really. It was in last year's Target commercials.

    82. slt qbnb


    83. yuh

      I for one did not find this from the target commercial, and I am proud of that

    84. Andrea Paolantonio

      Am I the only one that knew the song before the target commercial?

    85. Taty-ana

      SHe gets me hype I love Sia

    86. Ella Hauryluke


    87. j m

      why are all you idiots so curious what brought us to this song? It is an absolutely retarded inquiry. Mostly, younger morons seem to ask this. Guess what, Sara Jay's large porn star ass brought me here

    88. Kicn N

      SIA ❤️😘

    89. I luv HUNTER X HUNTER


    90. Edwin Tejada

      I remember this it constantly appeared everyday by Target and the dog for Black Friday last year

      1. Joel Moore

        Bullseye the doggo

    91. Prince Kelley

      Anyone watching in 2019/waiting for dem target ads😋

      1. Drizzy Driq


    92. Nate Preston

      September 2019?? Nobody? Just me? Ok 😅

      1. Nate Preston

        @Shelly Terral aw man...

      2. Shelly Terral

    93. Kevin Bergin

      Sing the Perry Como version at karaoke nd they kid me about being old fashion. So if I did this would that cure it?

    94. Lil’ Chef

      who got it from the target commercial

    95. Sultan Praz


    96. Sauce Obtainer

      In everyone's defense, this is most definitely a commercial song

    97. Ashley Carlton

      Am I the only one who was here before all those target ads


      I COULD SAY A LOT...💖💛💜💖💫 U ALLREADY DID...LOL⚘⚘⚘⚘💪

    99. Michelle

      July 2019 anyone 😂💛

      1. Villain Deku

        Me me me!

    100. Markas Flood

      It has a serious beat!