Sia - Making of Everyday is Christmas Claymation Trilogy


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    Director - Lior Molcho
    Cinematographer - Danit Sigler
    Art Director - Katie Shipley
    Animation - Colin Mapp & Lior Molcho
    Armatures and sculpting - Gerard Kyle
    Fabrication - Dan Adams
    Producers - Chen Biton & Lior Molcho
    A Neon Cat Production
    Sia - Everyday Is Christmas
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    1. Max

      Omg! So artistic

    2. S & R Films

      Ho ho ho can not be watched in Austria

    3. Simona Lupascu

      Sooo dang cool

    4. Selena go

      I love you mama sia❤️

    5. wahoo panda


    6. Madison Smith

      Who doesn’t like sky whoever doesn’t should be not here right now because she does beautiful songs she’s on bearable and she’s perfect

    7. Caput Medusae


    8. Summer

      I'm obsessed with this little trilogy. Sia, take my money. If there were little claymation figurines for sale, I'd purchase every pose. This storyline is so sweet and heartwarming. It's my new Christmas tradition. Me and my two girls watch it the trilogy multiple times throughout the season. This really captures the essence of Christmas - not presents. Friendship.

    9. 구름밍

      Why all of these videos are deleted? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    10. Christine Grunert

      what the heck. why is the only one left of these music videos????

      1. 구름밍

        Christine Grunert I was wondering too about that...🥺

    11. Christian Orbegoso Reyes

      I don´t understand why she deleted two of those videos. Is so sad, because I loved so much those masterpieces.

    12. Aynur Aytimur

      really awesome

    13. I'm Chris

      Such hard work for so bad success

    14. Sremret

      I neeeeedddd oneeee

    15. Natália de Souza

      Wonderful job!👏👏👏😍

    16. feyza o'connell

      bunların hepsi emek

    17. 신동익

      But where's the music video!?

    18. A W

      Sia's Christmas Trilogy is so much fun and imaginative.... touching, as well. Has the technology in creating the characters changed much from the Davey and Goliath years?

    19. Diana

      Love it ♥️

    20. mothy adioo


    21. sia furles

      Love you sia !!! 💕😚🌈

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    24. Luana Vitoria

      amo a Sia❤❤

    25. Mαd Bαbie's

      !!!I LOVE YOU SIA!! 😘😍😍😘😘😍

    26. Alexis Aguilar



      Блин, видос то зачем удалили?

    28. George B

      You deserve every bit of praise that you get, Sia!

    29. manas singha

      I thought all those were animation.. n just saw what it all turned out to be.. n I m no more than amazed.. . kudos.. the SIA TEAM..

    30. BoomingCaiden

      Sia was born out of a bumhole of a unicorn named steve read her about page XDD how is steve doing?

    31. Debby_GRxx

      Where has she been? ;-; I want a new song of her °^°

    32. Sandwich


    33. Матрикс


    34. UG- LEE

      If this albums wins no grammy then times are tough

    35. J fla

      روعه جميل جدا

    36. Shagufta Patel


    37. Erika Farias

      Sia eu sou brasileiro tenho 11 anos queria te conhecer sempre escutei suas músicas principalmente big girl cry queria ser seu dançarino meu nome é Leandro

    38. Sajjad


    39. Алексей 76

      We made them out of snow . I thought that and your figures from snow . You can watch on my channel . By the way what are their names ?

    40. chichu

      L love you sia l think she is beautiful

    41. Victor Manuel Flores Anchundia

      Ahora valoraré más a tus videos sin maddie Pero con maddie son igual de geniales Sia 😍😍😍😍😘

    42. Krys Rock

      who was singing candy cane while watching the video? me.

    43. Krn


    44. Элла Архоменко

      Отличная работа, очень здорово получилось 👍❤

    45. Sthefany Neri

      PERFECT 😍😍😍

    46. Cosma-ミツハ

      Why is the freeze you out video gone pls answer😱😱😱😱😱🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    47. Hawre Hasan

      Happy Christmas sia and great Britaina

      1. Hawre Hasan

        Happy Christmas to the world

    48. Júlia Camily

      no is really sia

    49. Меняющий Реальность

      Big work!

    50. Meri N


    51. world around us

      You people really work hard

    52. jimmy


    53. Slay Xay

      GODDESS OF CHRISTMAS ❤️💚💙❤️💚💙❤️💚💙❤️💚💙❤️

    54. Luiza Manu Melo


    55. Małgorzata Pasek

      Amazing job!!!

    56. Ece

      Thank you so much to all team 😊👏🎄

    57. Misael Trujillo

      El simple hecho de hacer stop motion es complicado y luego hacerlo para tres videos, vaya que fue mucha dedicación. ❤


      I love your high notes Sia!😍

    59. Heriberto I. Hernández Martínez

      So cute..¡☆♡

    60. Marcela Chavez

      AMAZING ❤❤❤❤

    61. ss 11

      cuuuuttelove this 😍😍

    62. Majkl Džekson

      Holy shit that's time-consuming! Hope Santa Sia gifted you yuuuge paycheck under christmas tree, you deserved it.

    63. Mark Tomlinson

      Absolutely amazing the work that goes into this sort of animation, but its totally worth it. The three videos are some of the best music videos i've seen in a long time, well done to everyone involved in it all!

    64. RemixTubes

      That's amazing

    65. MFB MF

      Just "Wow"

    66. Lisa Simpson

      Omg. A R T.

    67. Limitless X

      Hello from Ecuador Sia i love u

    68. bbNot


    69. Carla Sanz

      Siaaaa I Love You 😍😘

    70. Jahibert Paz

      Woo que hermoso.

    71. Molly Sandera

      Meanwhile we get an official instrumental of Candy Cane Lane

    72. Anirudh Bhatti

      I love yu SIA.

    73. Anirudh Bhatti

      This looks cool.

    74. TheGraceOfEbonee

      Amazing! I love seeing stuff like this.

    75. Unnamed

      So cute! I hope they sell those flexible puppets😍😍😍

    76. Victoria Coffman

      Wow, that's crazy. I thought they just shrunk her down and filmed her. That was so much work.

    77. Krn

      Art + Science = Bomb We love you and your team Sia

    78. Top world internet

      Nice one

    79. Hogla Hernandez


    80. Monsse Gonzalez

      I love you so much ♡


      Makes me appreciate the trilogy more than I already do. 💕 Thank you so much for the hard work! We love you and your team! Best trilogy ever! ❤

    82. -Soda —

      It has exactly been hardworking

    83. BLACK ROSE

      I love you Sia 💜💕😘

    84. Raul Garcia

      WOW , the art is incredible and SIA is doing better

    85. Hasan Golandooz

      thank you ...

    86. Gabriel Mendonça

      A amazing job! Congrats

    87. Paulo Gabriel Junior

      Cara sério a Sia é demais! Genial, incrível, suprema, poderosona rainha perfeita que eu e muitos amam... Algum do Brasil por aqui?

      1. Maédima Furler

        Paulo Gabriel Jr. Verdade concordo plenamente 👌❤👑❤

    88. Amjad Zeyad

      *who* *sang* *candy* *cane* *lane* *with* *the* *soundtrack* *?* 😍😍😍❤

    89. Kathryn Troy

      Hiiiii sis

    90. wee boo lover


    91. Chairul amin


    92. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      This is one of the best Christmas albums I've ever heard, next to "Under The Mistletoe" and "These Are Special Times", by Justin Bieber and Celine Dion. 😍😍😍

    93. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Those two days payed off! 😊

    94. enelyn loves aftonvidsandkilling


    95. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Oh my gosh, there's a lot of hard work put into this, with all of the time, patience, creativity, etc. You all did perfect! 😁👌❤

    96. Natalia Kunka

      Co tu tyle Polaków? 😂😂

    97. Dudoky

      Greeting from Brazil! We're mad about you, babe. Stop motion is a masterpiece anyway, just as all Sia's work.

    98. alejandro seferino aza

      wow is amazing

    99. Cleber Evanio

      Perfeito! Belíssimo trabalho! 😃😍👏👏👏👌

    100. Juris Lazda

      Merry Christmas🎁❄💖❄🎼❄