Sia, Maddie Ziegler, Eddie Benjamin - “Lullaby”


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    so I'm sick, and Maddie recorded me snoring, and Eddie made this SICK jam out of it. #stillhipwiththekidsohyeah

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    1. JepMZ

      Lmao!!! That's amazing

    2. Ida Iversen


    3. -S͓̽ C͓̽ O͓̽ R͓̽ P͓̽ I͓̽ O͓̽ -

      Is Maddie sia?

    4. G A D

      Finally..... 😂

    5. alone 1996

      Muito bom!!

    6. bea bea

      brazil; este é o meu toque de telefone apartir de agora. ❤️

    7. anoyose mijim

      Hahaha yeah i new see this, after i have phone this lasts month


      Sia, you are beautiful, one in 8 billion, one and only one

    9. Fede Olmos


    10. Jade Nahas

      the snoring made me uncomtable

    11. Mysteriousplus cod mobile

      What's this??? whatever this is awsome 😍😍😍

    12. Lavínia uzumaki

      How beautiful sia 👏👏😘😍

    13. Valentina Piñal cortes

      Talvez no hable ingles pero conozco a Madie por danc moms y no sabia que era cantante o mejor dicho tenia un canal de música wow😱😱😱 pero se un poco inglés i'm love music Madie 😘

      1. Valentina Piñal cortes

        @Larit__ta Aaaa ok perdón no sabía

      2. Larit__ta

        Maddie no es cantante, la "dueña" del canal es Sia ella si es cantante y Maddie es la bailarina de Sia hace como 6 años o más aparece Maddie en los vídeos de Sia

    14. Miguel Lopez

      this is making music "out of the box" :)

    15. محمد مهدی نژادقاسم


    16. ToxicGummy

      Im now sleep.

    17. Danney Reyes

      Esto es un tema nuevo que subirá? O álbum? O que rayos? Los que saben español-ingles dejen de ser hdp y respondan en español ah🤣🤣

      1. Sipi Music

        Es una parodia que hizo maddie, ya que grabo a sia roncando cuando estaba enferma y lo convirtieron en una cancion que no es nada serio, solo diversion

    18. Chloe Pascual

      Hahaha low key vibing on this while I’m in quarantine at 1:30 in the morning

    19. Rafi Faras

      Sia+Maddie, It's perfect, love it💛💚💙💜

    20. Flower Yellow

      I wish maddie was still in more sia videos

    21. Noelanys Santella

      I just can’t stop crying it brings back SO MEANY memories of dance moms 😢😢😭😭😂😜😂🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. OzTez

      Was that sleep apnea that I could hear in the background 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🤪

    23. Elemarjin

      Read the description to find out why they made this Maddie and sis are really close

    24. Alex Sia

      I adore you Sia and Maddie is a best dancer

    25. Hakim ._. Abdul

      absolutly free for alarm tone baibeh

    26. s.M. c

      My reaction after not being unplugged on & off right when the beats dropped: Yo.🎧🥰

    27. Mohammed Hafizullah

      Whose beautiful voice is that Maddie if that was you Girl make a album please!!! please!!! Please!!!! And Eddie wow you made that out of snoring sounds Your talented!!!!

    28. Mister Sarajevo

      He was definitely the funniest part on Gal Dadot's infamous "Imagine" shitstorm. His gap teeth, shitty singing & he was just so into it lol

    29. whitexsii 10


    30. Владимир Шаманов

      класс класс класс 999

    31. Владимир Шаманов


    32. João YT

      SAVE BRO

    33. João YT

      save LOS ANGELS

    34. João YT

      save NEW YORK

    35. João YT

      You From Brazil

    36. João YT

      MY ALONE

    37. Smufter16

      Why are Sia's Maddie videos say "Not available in your country"? They were there before (in USA). Also why does UKup shut off comments on a lot of Dance Moms/Maddie videos but allows comments on the videos where Maddie gets hated on?

    38. From Terrabithia

      Hey people Its Maddie singing And her dictofone record of this gay when he was snored

    39. RetroRoboDog

      :) wow :)

    40. BRUNO

      N entendi

    41. Marie Fabel

      Marie und Maddie🍒

    42. Not Billie

      Now replace my dad with a trumpet

    43. Torie P.

      #Stillhipwiththekidssoyeah 😂💖

    44. Dum Dum Dum Dum


    45. Przemek Raczek

      hahaha. great.

    46. Vincent Farris

      We need “All I Need” by you and Tim!

    47. rato valente

      sia ft shawn mendes



    49. Imran hossain

      Sia I love you so much..🐽🐽🐽

    50. صابرين SS


    51. Herzschrittmacher

      Hey Sia, ever think about a feat. with Billie Eilish?

    52. blackcosmos

      Sia I got mad luv for u but u could never spend the night. Snoring is a dealbreaker!! 😖😟

    53. Afro Jack


    54. I'm Chris

      I need an album of sia snoring

    55. Daenerys Targaryen

      So cute.... 🤣

    56. Pradeep Stha

      perfect for ringtone

    57. HKH Hamzeh -Al- Khateeb

      Do singers snore?


      Now that's funny!



    60. arev 04

      Suscríbete a mi canal 😀😀😀

    61. TheKoyn


    62. A B


    63. Sch. Video

      love love

    64. Kai Nguyen

      Christmas is coming

    65. Nia R


    66. Viitiin Allvees

      Sia, te amo muito. Vem fazer uns shows no Brasil por favor. BEIJO sua linda. Sia & Maddie Ziegler ♥️❤ Amo vocês duas.

    67. A Aridi

      Yup, someone’s definitely snoring.

      1. Sheroo

        A Aridi it’s Sia snoring! Read the description of the video

    68. Michael

      Lyric please!

    69. Shweta Official


    70. tahreesuh

      Sia: Snoring. Maddie and Eddie: *It's free real estate.*

      1. Elif Gündüz

        @tahreesuh bruh don't u get it :/ can't u dig it-??? a person copied u or u copied her/him

      2. tahreesuh

        @Elif Gündüz uhhh okay?

      3. Elif Gündüz

        @tahreesuh Or Idk Imma not judge they might have copied u cuz AlexSomethingClever wrote da same quote to a comment: It's a free real estate.

      4. tahreesuh

        @Elif Gündüz who?

      5. Elif Gündüz

        u copied #AlexSomethingClever

    71. hesykhia zioner

      Sicko queen

    72. Zahraa Mohammed

      Love sia from🇯🇴jordan💯

    73. Ramanda Gaming

      I'm stupid and you =???

    74. Maria Eaton

      That hashtag tho

    75. 匕ちUれ丹刀モᇂ_ᇂ

      Wow, Amazing!

    76. Bram Bredewout

      You need to make this in a full song😍😍

    77. Lyf for music

      Even Sia's snoring can be made into a song.... and still sound better than when I sing

    78. Caaji

      haha I love them! :()

    79. Robin Lodge

      Haha this is awesome

    80. Noah Millar

      So cute. Love from NZ.

    81. Aeon M

      fuck I'm obsessed with her voice

    82. Doa Jamal

      What did i just listen to

    83. Leonardo Antonio Guerrero Cheuqueman


    84. Antonia Campos

      Sia I think that was mean you should do something about it

    85. AIDEN !

      😴😪ahhh bless em sooo sweet

    86. Mmm K

      Hope you get well soon Sia!

    87. Noel Belmonte

      L O L

    88. As YouKnow

      Omg I love Sia

    89. Papias Banda

      Can we get a 5min version of this song? Somebody? ANYBODY??

    90. Andrea Carolina Rodriguez Herrera


    91. Raissa De Oliveira


    92. Ian Proctor

      HaHa, love it .......Get well soon xx

    93. lucia sv16


    94. Demetria0

      Maddie KKKKKKK

    95. Jeric Valencia

      even sia's snore is emotional and in-tune

    96. Gui Occam

      Espera ¿¡Khe!? 🙃

    97. yedelyn c

      This is amazing❤😂

    98. Maris Sayah

      Now when the real queen upload such a beat I take note.....

    99. lilit liana

      Рашен кто-то хоть.¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

    100. Suelle Miranda