Sia - The We Meaning You Tour - Blog #2


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    Join Sia and her dogs, Lick Lick and Pantera, for a good peek into their world on the road!

    Be sure to watch the video blog right through as Sia has made a short video montage of her nail painting session aboard the tour bus, which is brilliant and even features an exclusive clip of new track, Cloud, from We Are Born - not to be missed!

    Don't forget that Sia is currently touring Europe on The We Meaning You Tour... tickets are available now at

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    1. Jhonatan i love music


    2. معتصم تيسير

      i love you and i want to marry you hahahahaha please call me 00966507962514

    3. Giovanni

      I LOVE YOU

    4. ayşe çınar

      My crazy fan you

    5. Jhonatan i love music

      so beautiful!!!

    6. Mary Furler

      so cute 😆

    7. Giovanni

      I love these blogs! 😍

    8. Alaa Abu samra - علاء

      any watch this video in 2020

    9. Natalia Balmores

      Sia❤can you please visit here in the Philippines 😢👌


      I seriously love you sia , I wish I could meet you , I can sing you know .

    11. Natália de Souza

      My 2nd Mother🙈❤

    12. mini Jang

      Sia is the greatest!

    13. foisal mahmud

      sia I want to meet u...... did any one help me to meet sia..... plz mail

    14. along wu

      so cute a talk 8 years ago to now

    15. Samo Smith

      I 💜 you. You voice & you songs is awesome 💜

    16. TheThomcatz

      I want hug u, how? 😥

    17. brobicho

      Sia, My Favorite Album of Yours is "Some People have Real Problems' Love the Way YOU are.

    18. Joanna Sanchez

      haha .. i saw your panties Sia.... " now thats for all the foot fetishes out there" your too cute for your own good darling. .. haha...

    19. Gaby Duve

      i love you SIA 😍😍😍😍😍

    20. Any Brzla

      Sia I love you sooooo much, I having a very rough time and you music make me forget for a moment all the shit that I'm living. My dream is meet you, I really hope some day have the chance to meet you 💜💜💜💜

    21. Nickifaye

      How can you meet Sia!! Cuz I'm going to her concert in October and if I can meet her I want to!!

    22. Bruna Assis

      sia i love you, i crying becuse i living in Brazil and i can't meet you and meet you is my dream

      1. Mary Furler

        yes e o meu tambem so que sei nada de inglês

      2. xxxСукаБлять

        Same, I am german :,c

      3. Gabriel Alves

        +Bruna Assis sim

      4. Bruna Assis

        +Gabriel Alves pse, mas quem sabe um dia, pq ela sabe que tem muitos fãs brasileiros

      5. Gabriel Alves

        +Bruna Assis Urgentemente, imaginei inclusive que nessas turnês que ela estava fazendo o Brasil estava incluso, porém não, só lá pelos EUA mesmo que ela fez

    23. Andrea Reyes

      love you sia!

    24. Shaelynn Millsap

      Your so cute sia

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    26. Матвей мод 228


    27. Christine Zealand

      Sia... you are just the cutest!!!!

    28. el1061

      Love It ! Thank You for being You

    29. Melanie Dack

      Sia you are so nice. Stay the way you are, don't you ever change! :)

      1. HLB

        And being free of addictions, happy and healthy!

      2. Gabriel Alves

        She has changed... a little bit, Because of the fame

    30. Rystor


    31. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      foot fetish hahahaha !

    32. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      the prostetic leg and a piece of sias dress I love the prezies and the pig hhahha!

    33. Brunella F. Bolocco Boye

      crazy genius XD

    34. MrGangstaman123

      Prezzies :D You gotta love Aussies :P

    35. BigEvilDemon

      I fist ever heard of you in 2008, trailer from "Prince of Persia". And i was looking EVERYWHERE for your music, it was so deeply touching me, great ! :) I wish u health, and a very happy christmas Sia ! :) Greetings grom ger

    36. iukito mihiko


    37. Its_me_Bonniee

      You are crazy. I love you SO much

    38. LuckyFelysha

      is it modern tea pig? what is it?

    39. EddyBergman

      Can't wait until monday!! Utrecht gig!! YAAAYYYY!!

    40. Skipychic Lim

      Oh, I know what you can do with the pig while you still have it, Im sure the person who owns it would love more pictures of the pigs adventures with you before you get it back to her. Oh and btw, when does your new CD come out in Australia love and kisses.

    41. metroidlink7

      i love you sia!!! thanks for the vlogs :) cant wait for the new album~!!

    42. eeli1

      Sia rules!

    43. eeli1

      I friggin love you Sia! You're the best! :)

    44. Cee Shelles

      I wouldn't describe you as a boring. I hope the pig will get back! :D

    45. seniorspecialist86

      I love this video, I love croacky SIA, happy SIA , eevery face of you sweety :-) please keep doing tour blogs for us

    46. NikoClemente

      You receive the most hilarious gifts LOL and I love your nails, they are hectic