Sia - Trip To Berlin (Behind The Scenes In Germany)


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    Sia visited Berlin on a recent trip to Europe to promote the totally awesome We Are Born and, after another day of radio interviews and promotion, she took time out in an eclectic store, which she described as "the coolest shop I've been to for ages."

    Take a look at some of her purchases below... she even got a free heart-shaped LED pin from the nice man in the shop too, how lovely :-)

    We Are Born is out now!
    Click below for more info on the album and buy links:

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    1. Hunter Rolls


    2. lil bloodz

      U still lovely like day one ❤️سيا

    3. [ Lauren Zuñiga ]


    4. Osmund Million

      I know this from 10 years ago but it's kinda weird seeing your face🤭, you're very beautiful

    5. Klaudia Konarska

      Date, I know. Who watching in 2020?

    6. eric ousley


    7. AJ Flores

      2020, anyone?

    8. Ana Cristina Sousa Queiroz

      Alguem sabe algum grupo De Whatsapp de Sia?

    9. Christian Music

      Que linda😢😚❤🎶 Te amo sia❤.

    10. N246 T991

      Love you SIA ❤❤💛💚💙💜💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

    11. Maryelie Jacob

      Elle a trop changé wsh😭😭❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭

    12. Blackcat2807

      If you're German it's kinda funny how she speaks German Words😂

    13. Nur Gzl

      Konuşması bile şarkı söylemek gibi.

    14. Oguzhan Yılmaz


    15. WindowsXP Gamer

      Hope she got see politics in Berlin, might even have terrible German pronunciation

    16. IamMadwitch

      My favourite

    17. Diane Savage12

      When I was little I always wanted to know how she looked like hehe 😜

    18. CrossiLXXV

      Come back to germany ... Once more ... Pleeeease ;))

    19. Random R

      Miss you Sia

    20. peter114 pan

      This angel finally kills me 🥺 ❤️ 😭

    21. HEMO BTS

      Sia Love احبكككككك ):

    22. HEMO BTS

      Sia Love

    23. HEMO BTS

      وربيييي احبهااااااا مر كيوت ❤Love❤ LOVE sia

    24. Panda Faminto

      ELA É A SIA!!!! MANOOO ❤

    25. GamesPS 98

      Didn't know she was Aussie until i heard her accent while she was talking, not singing.


      Sia take care about your helth 👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹

    27. -X D-

      She makeup her chin

    28. Axel sylvanian

      I can't believe a person is so perfect, tender, beautiful 😍😍😍

    29. Axel sylvanian

      it's basically perfect

    30. Ola Sim


    31. Hank Legacy

      It looks good while you being all misterious wearing wig.

    32. A1043kevisier Miario

      Is this sia? No comments but is she old? I thought she was young

    33. 2Spooky4Tim

      Damn she sounds different in her songs

    34. 2Spooky4Tim

      Damn she sounds different in her songs

    35. Anna Gaming


    36. 새쿠{[A R M Y]}

      *sia iz love💘*

    37. panca

      who watching in 2019?

      1. Mog Zebra;3


    38. Tala Abbas

      Deutsche hier ?

    39. Draven _RD31

      Is that SIA?

      1. Sheroo


      2. HolaKo

        Draven _RD31 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

    40. ii_aesthxticroses

      It's sia?

    41. Natália de Souza

      Sia is life! ❤

    42. Zayrex Man

      hi sia i need speak you i from syria i love you you amazing

    43. Jasmin Flor


    44. Oreos and hot sauce

      Why do you cover your face now?

      1. Sheroo

        Oreos and hot sauce For privacy

    45. Tomatenfleck


    46. Gürkan Günal

      time is moving fast. :)

    47. eazy14

      Im so lucky to listen to her to live in this age...

    48. gareeb reaction

      I love you so much sia your voice killer😊😊😊😊😊

    49. CardiBJuice RBLX


    50. Random R

      Siaaa love you

    51. hmezzy

      Sia, I see ya.

    52. xxbrmsn 99

      Pls come back to Germany

    53. siti hardijah nuraipah

      Can i know the backsong this video?

    54. Zsolt Dornyei

      Shes sua?

    55. EXO love shot

      كنت اعتقد اصغر صدمة 🙈

    56. baebaealice


    57. Shim Sladey

      I got the 100th comment on this video!


      shes much better when she hides her face :P LOL jaysus

    59. Dumbo

      How about you sing instead of this bullshit!

    60. Lakshit Garg

      She is 42 years old and still adorable 😘

    61. عمر وليد

      Sia ❤❤❤

    62. Amel La Cristal


    63. Ruby A

      I’m in eight years later I’ve never seen her face but it may not be her

      1. Sheroo

        Tofie A.K That’s her

    64. Asmr

      te quiero SIA, veni a Argentina. please

    65. Jojo 8


    66. ASP1926

      Love you Sia without the stupid wig!

    67. JackStrait

      This was only a few months before she nearly committed suicide. I can't comprehend how she could act so happy when she was actually suffering so much.

      1. Aiden / Villain Denki

        @Katie .Woodlief yup

      2. Katie .Woodlief

        JackStrait that is how it happens for everyone

    68. Amber


    69. حيدر التميمي

      حيل كبرانة للاسف😢💔

    70. hamady najibe

      sia is the best

    71. Alexa F.

      I must see her live!😭 i hope she will come to germany again 😍

    72. Krn


    73. Tatiane Paixão

      I love you ❤❤❤❤❤

    74. Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji

      so cute 😍

    75. Ioannis

      Ich liebe diese frau

    76. Shibsankar Paul

      Nice thanks

    77. vitoldius.livejournal com

      в человеке не может быть всё прекрасно и душа, и тело, и одежда. У Сии только голос :)

    78. senpaichabechon

      The Co Dependent ,background song :)

    79. Giovani Scolaro

      amor da minha vida ❤

    80. htetnayhtoo htetnayhtoo

      Background sound plz

      1. Kai Gao

        The Co-dependent

    81. Christa Bachmann

      Hi my name is Christa from germany...I want to meet you, Sia. This is a big big dream from me...Sorry for my f...bad english..

    82. Nick De Leon


      1. Kai Gao

        The Co-dependent

    83. mrhypercoffee

      I'm from Germany and i LOOOOOOVE you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    84. Jihan Imo

      it she

    85. René Morfin

      First time I ever saw SIA's face! :o

      1. EDU. A.U.N

        Katheyy 007 probably to avoid all the "oh she's old or ugly" comments and all the other stupid shit that people say. People are disgusting like that. She is too scared of the paparazzi and all the shitty people it makes me sick to think that she has to hide her face, she is beautiful and fragile she must be protected. 😤


        She finds fame/paparazzi etc destabilising to her mental health/addiction past. :)

      3. Katheyy 007

        Renesito 84 why did she change her opinion about showing her Face? Do you know that?

    86. Vitor fuler

      Amo este vídeo

      1. Forever Dumb

        actually she doesnt want to be famous...

    87. mrhypercoffee

      Please come to Germany on your next tour❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. Nikhil Prakash

      sia doesnt show her face during singing because her lower jaw teeth are a bit tilted


        Laughable, yet you can still see her mouth with the wig? Nice try.

    89. Emily Garcia

      0:25 literally me

      1. lucia.

        Me too

      2. Any Brzla

        Emily Garcia and me, I say hello to every dog I see, kiss them too, the people look me like I was crazy... Crazy for dogssss

    90. vívian

      Sia I love you

    91. Wxrdwell

      that part with the candy though lol i love her so much she is my life our lifes

    92. Chanel Close

      Please come in München

    93. Latanon

      Does anybody know when she is coming to Germany again? :( I would do everything to hear her beautiful Voice in rl 😭😭😭

      1. dino

        +Latanon fingers crossed!

      2. Latanon

        Oh :/ Hope she's coming to Germany on her next tour

      3. dino

        +Latanon ahh that's a shame :( she came to Sweden but I found out a week too late lol

      4. Latanon

        I Know about the tour but she didn't come to Germany :-(

      5. dino

        she's touring right now, check her website. you might have missed it

    94. xxxСукаБлять

      Sie war in Berlin! 😭😍

      1. Celine XD


      2. Alexis Hawkhunter

        Sie war auch beim SWR😭

      3. cle


    95. Lea Sophie

      she is sooooo cute and my ❤singer sia i love you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    96. who_cares_nvm

      OMG Im from "Sachsen" and it's so cute how she said it 🙈

      1. cle

        Ich auch :D SOO Cool ich wusste nie das Sia mal in Deutschland war :D

    97. Etlir Xharra

      I would do everything to get in contact with Sia!

      1. Claudia Riedel

        Katie .Woodlief U U, R only as good as your last song! Made $ money.

      2. Katie .Woodlief

        Etlir Xharra to be a fan is to know how much he loves her privacy

      3. Julia

        ZeroTres let her have her privacy

      4. Mia

        ZeroTres I know where her house in Palm Springs is, but I don't think that she lives there anymore.

      5. Vanish

        did you find anything?

    98. Wen Guest

      I like this video cos it shows her work, and shopping (yay).

    99. Mari Carmen h

      l adore her 😍

    100. tiffany deneo

      sia is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee