Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video]


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    Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:
    A Chisel Pixel Production
    Directed by Lior Molcho
    Producer - Chen Biton
    Cinematographer - Danit Sigler
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    Twitter: sia
    Instagram: SiaThisIsActing
    Facebook: siamusic

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    1. Тимур Коротаев

      Привет из России!!!

    2. gunelsmith 0

      fun fact: Melanie Martinez's hair is inspired by Sia

    3. accidental youtuber

      The back ground sounds like indian instruments

    4. Stephanie Oliveira


    5. suck the 2d pp

      i love u

    6. Nare Poghosyan

      The anthem of our generation.

    7. Louise Duncan

      This song empowers me to never give up no matter how hard it is!

    8. C O F F E E

      Never gonna give you up?

    9. Float

      "give up your dreams and die"

    10. Mustafa Güneri

      Harika bir Şarkı 💞😍💖

    11. kartik chauhan

      Great! I'm crying now for no reason.

    12. ishfaq khan

      Extremely inspirational......

    13. Yashvant Rathod

      Guys never give up💪💪💪

    14. Hector ramon Gutierrez

      Amo está canción

    15. sella juβouri

      - ‏ابَتسمي فلا جميلههہ الا انتِ 💞.

      1. sella juβouri

        @محمد ابن الناصرية عندي كومةةة شغل جان وكملتة واخواني ورجل اختي كلهم جانو موجودين😐😍😍 وماصارلي وقت امسك جهازي

      2. محمد ابن الناصرية

        @sella juβouri نحمداللة شكو ماكو شيء امج شلونة زينة شخباره اليوم انتي وين ها

      3. sella juβouri

        @محمد ابن الناصرية وعليكم السلام الحمدلله وانت كيفك شواخبارك

      4. محمد ابن الناصرية

        @sella juβouri السلام عليكم شلونزينة شخبارج نتي ياورده

      5. sella juβouri

        @محمد ابن الناصرية شكد جان عمرك😵 اممممممم الله يساعدك وينطيك العافية ياوردة انت

    16. Nikola Labasova

      Dúfam, že raz nájdem aj ja cestu domov, do Izraela. N.

    17. Edwin Edeki

      Lions don't give up

    18. Elx Sohil Offical

      Totaly...with a Indian touch...🇮🇳 Like selena gomez come and get it

    19. Rikhal Ochan

      I like

    20. 제빵사

      나만 한국인 있가?

    21. Edi Popoutanu

      I found the location was recorded the music " Never give up " and is very horror

    22. Edi Popoutanu


    23. Raya Abuhawilli

      Ahhahahah ❤❤

    24. Zuzia M


    25. Ked Life


    26. Ked Life


    27. Astrophysics Zuetron Genblue

      The starting was Indian :)

    28. AL3M


    29. DIESEL

      Ich höre es noch 2021 😎😀

    30. Mango YT

      മലയാളം song ആണെന്നു ആദ്യം ആദ്യംവിചാരിച്ചു❤

    31. Los Vela’s


    32. Fernando Gabriel


    33. Khmik na Badalung

      This song make me peaceful and powerful. When i want to give up and tried.

    34. Vishal Tayya

      Lion 😭😭😭😭 It's true.. nearly 10,000 children will be gone missing every year in India allegedly groped into child trafficking, prostitution, beggers and drug abuse.... - Vishal, Vizag ( India)

    35. Big Kid

      Am here 2021

    36. Sáng Vũ

      2021 on

    37. ayşe çınar


    38. Bryan Bollinger


    39. Vinay Kumar

      Say hi to 2021👋

    40. Sylwester Świdowski


    41. Mujer Inteligente


    42. Faizan Gaming

      I love this song❤️❤️ energetic song ❤️❤️❤️

    43. REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen

      😘Mehr Alice Züge !Oder klammert Ihr eucj noch an irgendwelcje Eheversprecher?

    44. REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen

      😘And Regina old White Lion say:We have a Train to nowhere and we riding over and over again!

    45. Reema

      Never give up !

    46. Mr Case

      👇Jhon Cena please



    48. Periwinkle Mango

      Who are the dancers? Lilly and Maddie?

    49. Imaginary Please give my song a listen! :)

    50. Moutasim Mustafa

      I'll never give up..

    51. Renu Devi

      I have heard it before but I saw lion just before now I understood this song.

    52. JacobSon


    53. TOONY dadaparty

      me reading the song name: NeVeR gOnNa GiVe YoU uP

    54. Галинка Тодорова


    55. adım daisy

      im crying, just have watched lian and im here. LIFE IS TOO HARD FOR CHİLDREN

    56. lola Blakeslee

      So inspiring....something we desperately need right now😊

    57. Dawletniyaz Xojaniyazov


    58. PhamousBoi

      After Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Give Up is in my playlist.

    59. Jo Al

      oohh. now i get this scenes after knowing what Lion is all about.

      1. Abody T

        What do you mean ?

    60. kamdin k

      Je suis tellement chuad

    61. kamdin k


    62. Galaxy A51

      انا اوريكم ديني دين الوساخا واي شيء راح اعرف

    63. Coop Rodas

      You all should see the movie is really openminded

    64. yannis coulibaly


    65. TIA Johnson

      Who is here 2021??

    66. Amy holmes woodward

      Who's listening in 2021?? Much love for this song ♥️♥️♥️

    67. Sido sea

      S:she i:is a: amazing

    68. AL3M

      Omg العرب هينااا😂

    69. marronSan

      she is musician, her voice is well sound and get alot of feelings. i love you Sia. #all the way from Tanzania.

    70. Imnotmaren úwù

      Who else came here because you thought it said "never gonna give you up"

    71. Noah

      Its so inspiring

    72. วิทย์ Vit


    73. Michael Foker

      why no live version?

    74. Tea Balogh

      Do you know the meme about a tattoo: " never don't give up!"? This music me remember that and LOL.

    75. Rajnish Osho

      🇮🇳 Indian Music is always relaxing..👍

      1. kosopet

        My relaxing is Metallica 🤣

    76. Elyza Gacha

      Title:never give up My mind: NeVeR gOnNa GiVe YoU uP

    77. muhammad herbawi

      2021 If you are listening to this that's mean you are legend

    78. Antonio 1

      Sia is badass

    79. 70. 4m

      Who Listening in 2021😁❤🤞

      1. kheane09 vanila


      2. TRYHARD JOE

        I am listening now

    80. mendross production

      2021 I'm here I will never give up

    81. Charlie Quinn III

      106M views and not that amount of like. I'm disappointed ☹️

      1. Ayah


    82. tynerine

      To anyone who've made it through 2020, I wish peace and compassion blooms within you as this song is a great source for that

    83. Stan

      In a week my military adventure will start, I don’t give up!

    84. Helliany Sousa


    85. Teufelchen _#DA

      Never give up guys

    86. ᴖ̈ȶաɛɛȶʏ ̨ ̨ɪ̣̝̇ợ ོ


    87. Shahnaz Khatun


    88. Matheus Moreira

      2021 primeira musica de 2021

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    90. Power Hesa

      تجننن 😭😭💕

    91. espíritu

      We can stand every bad situation.

    92. Murshida Najnin


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      Tfw I survived 2020

    94. Live on the stage

      Mk ultra

    95. Sergioh Salazar

      Me encanta...

    96. Mika Vosatik

      по- русски можно?

    97. Narada Kandawala

      Literally this song changed my life🖤

    98. Yassine Azanai

      C'est tellement.....tellement Nostalgique

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    100. jhianna -chan

      i thought it was "never gonna give you up"- bruh- i-