Sia - Breathe Me


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    Sia's video to the track Breathe Me (from her album Colour The Small One and as featured on the finale of Six Feet Under).

    Опубліковано 13 років тому


    1. Sandra Kennedy

      a brilliant use of minimalism. using so much less to say so much more I don't know where i've been to have not discovered before last week. Now she's all I want to hear

    2. Beautifulgirls654

      Her voice is really LOW... she needs to go higger.

    3. nene jones

      Hahahaha. Anyone out there feeling vulnerable should note that there is nothing special about his/her case. The entire world is a sad and oppressive place, but in the 21st century it's a heck of a lot better than it was 200 years ago and back. There is so much you can be thankful for, do not do the cowardly thing to keep feeling sorry for yourselves. Look outside, there are people worse off than you, be braver,


      i miss chrolli so much

    5. HeyThereAri _

      Ugh, Wishing I Can See You Again.. Since You've Been Gone Nothing Is Ohkay Anymore.. Come Back Please.

    6. jess crooks

      loked in hospital help me

    7. Solène T

      Just waowh !!!!!!

    8. mark ivy

      I love you more than life. You know what I've been through, you know what we've been through; I've been the best I can but I'm sorry it wasn't good enough. No matter where your life takes you just know you'll always have a place in what's left of me. I love you.

    9. ManuChicaR

      I love this song it helps me to move on

    10. Vus

      Depression is'll never realise it unless you have it or it effects someone close to you..

    11. Shorty LilSav

      This song is Depressing but this song gets me :P

    12. Stacy Thompson

      You yell you shout then u want forgiveness

    13. credit card romancer


    14. Michelle Garcia

      BE MY FRIEND!! Hold ME!!

    15. Joe Coolman

      Six feet under last song last episode ... Nice

    16. Timothy Du Plooy

      "17 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. 18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit." Cry to your heavenly father his ears can hear you! When I dispair of my life I cry to him and he heals the pain

    17. AestheticLyfeStyle

      Life is sad at moments but its your choice to be sad or move on. Its a beautiful world out there take the time to see it for yourself. Choose to be happy not sit here and talk about how miserable your life is. NO ONE has the perfect life. Pick up ths broken pieces and MOVE ON!!! :)

    18. losers0are0on0utube

      This is a song about alcoholism, trust me when I say I know the struggles of it, and I'm pretty sure depression is NOTHING compared to being an alcoholic.

    19. Kawaii Krew

      This song makes me think about people being suicidal and depressed..I really care for those people. Don't end your like for a temporary problem and make a permanent decision. I know that I don't know how it feels like to be depressed but I really want to help and I do care for those people. It really hurts my heart to see people in that position. :(

    20. Will Ferrel

    21. COLovesYou1

      "Hurt myself today, and the worst part is there's no one else to blame." These words ring painfully true in so many ways. It's especially heartbreaking when you know the pain/depression you feel has everything to do with your own choices. I hurt myself in by associating myself with people I knew were bad for me, and now I don't know how to deal with it. I have no one to be angry or frustrated with but myself.

    22. Kokolai

      R.I.P Amanda Todd :(

    23. ILovezombieboy

      this song reminds me of Luther

    24. Mislav Romanov

      O M G B E A U T I F U L

    25. Kiara Jackson

      It's a shame I'm jus hear'n 'bout this girl smh

    26. AmandaPleaseme

      when I was a lil depressed this was my cry song

    27. Lya Manta

      I've won the battle with depression and self-harm! ^.^ I used to cut my hands,hide from my friends , i've lost a lot of people because I used to feel so alone and sad and like there was no one I could've talk to. But someday,I woke up smiling and I knew that I have a beautiful life to live,and I have the chance to live normal. My grandma has cancer , my mom has heart-attack problems and I alomst had leukemia [but I've been cured ] . One morning I realised that I am healthy and beautiful inside and now I can live in peace surrounded by art,music and books! I don't feel alone anymore because I have the power to smile and because I am proud of myself and now I am more strong. Everyone out there - be proud that you are alive and beautiful, someday all the bad stuff will go away! TRUST ME ! And if there is anyone you want to talk to,I am here for every single one of you. Even if you're white,black,skinny,chubby,poor,lesbian or bisexual.If you need help,I'm here!

    28. TooTurNtGurlsss

      Accully no. Bye I love u ❤️

    29. TooTurNtGurlsss

      I need a friend everyone hates me. I want to die

    30. Brandon Liera

      Six Feet Under, gets me every time (':

    31. morganjoyce

      This explains my whole life

    32. steven murphy

      this song makes me feel sad, but also feel so much better. i don't understand

    33. ASABEP

      was here reminding me that 3 years ago this video had only about three million hits, and Sia, not even wanting to world fame (whose many famous live subordinates), is being recognized for her great talent composing and singing. how nice it would be if the REAL artists were valued as they deserve! Singers who do not need to BUY their lyrics and melodies, that do not need to appeal for a healed body nor beautiful eyes wish her ​​future success as is Adele

      1. ASABEP

        br br huehuehuehue

    34. x92811

      All of you idiots, this song is so depressing its probably caused more people to commit suicide than prevent it.

    35. x92811

      did she died?

      1. Rebecca Games

        nope shes 35

    36. Sarah Fisher

      I love this song

    37. holden3253

      Sia was sad,!

    38. JP Barbagelata

      This is making me so sad!

    39. Megan Howarth

      Before I say what I am about to say I just want you to know I am not "attention seeking" it is just a cry for help and only my online friends understand me... I am feeling super, super suicidal right now and well on 30th may 2014 I made the my first big cut but my mum doesn't know and it hurts and if she finds out she will hate me for the rest of my life... I am a bad person and I deserve to die right now, I can't live with myself anymore and I know I said the same ages ago and said I was gonna kill myself and nobody can stop me, it didn't work but I think I might have a serious case of depression the one where you need pills so I am gonna use those pills if I get them my counselling starts 13th June 2014 and I don't think it will work... I want to die, I am done with the world and I am sick of hurting people over and over and over. I am sick of myself :'(

    40. Devon Potter

      Did anyone else realise they cut out masses of that song? The best bits too. All the violin soars that actually make you feel the emotion :(

    41. Chanel Rose

      For anyone whom is depressed and listening to sad songs, just know that no matter how horrible it is now, it always gets better :) I used to listen to this song and it only brought me down and i merely committed suicide. But i changed my thoughts, and surpassed what had happened to me (Druggie parents, court orders, prostitution, all that stuff). I want you to know that even if you feel alone, people are there caring for you. Don't think for a second that no one cares for you, cause someone always does, even if its someone you met online. Everyone has a story, embrace yours


      Cyber bully brought me here.

    43. Rexon

      Good song, over used, but still a good song.

    44. No Name Is Ftw

      I am small and needy. Warm me up and breathe me. Holy fuck that's epic.

    45. ranzgestalt

      this is the most beautiful song ive ever heard. it's just perfect. the piano could make me cry seriously

    46. M. Hunter ☆

      This video is amazing! I personally don't suffer from depression but to those who do, I hope you're able to find the strength within yourself, family, friends, nature, God, just life itself or whatever it may be. As long as you're not trying to subside the pain with drugs, hate, denial or violence. It may sound cheesy but we all can help & support one another by just saying or doing one kind deed a day. Change the world by starting a healthy lifestyle today. :)

    47. emily boon

      This song reminds me of demi lovato such a strong inspiration ❤️

    48. Day Desiree

      i love this song and i love sia for making it

    49. gasketchup000

      Parece que te canta al oido...

    50. Vincent D

      I've learned to shut up about everything. Someone once told me that's seeking attention if I talk about any problems.

    51. girlyGeee

      Be my friend...

    52. Jocelyn Robles

      This song is truly beatiful

    53. Thomas Petermann

      The only way against depressions is to stand up and move on!

    54. Melissa Garcia

      This song made thing about all the victims of bullying and cyberbully .Why? That's my Quistion

    55. Mariah Vejar

      I am a Christian. God has helped me through everything, I was about to start cutting, but he was always with me n convinced me not to. He helped me no one else. Yea I had family support, but.... That didn't help as much as God did.

    56. Mariah Vejar

      No one should be depressed. Even if u lost someone u love,been bullied, etc... But would u rather prove ur self wrong n say "I am going to get through this, no matter how much time effort it will take!!" Instead of not dealing with the problem, n ignoring everyone in ur life, people who care. U don't wanna miss out on any of the fun stuff. Because u could being doing fun stuff than lying in ur bed having a pity party. Don't turn to drinking, smoking, drugs, pills, nothing that U think will make u feel better cause in the end it won't. N whoever reads this don't say she doesn't know anything about depression, isolation, my struggle. Cause I do my parents are divorse, fighting over custody. I'm only 12 about to be thirteen on June 25. But I always n sometimes still do isolate myself, people don't like it but I do. Makes me feel at peace, I only do it to find peace not because in depressed cause that's my happy place I find.

    57. Benina

      Amazing! Don't judge anyone we all have stuff we have to deal with. It gets better but it's up to you to make it great! 😘

    58. 01zipdisk

      This song blows me away every fucn time I play it. There's no escape...

    59. Exp Dev

      If anyone needs someone to talk to...or chat with, add me on skype: marius.richardsen1 | I would love to be your friend, no worries, trust me ;)

    60. Georgia Coleman

      This song is so sad,but i love it.

    61. Jessica Bender

      I can't believe this is the same person that sings Chandelier..both amazing.

    62. Nussad

      It is a song from skins ?

    63. Jackie Garlinghouse

      Very touching and if you get it, you get it. Life is a story of what you're been taught and if you are trapped there, or most importantly once were, you get it. I was... gone now but I can relate.... beautifully written.

    64. serendipity

      This song.... Amanda Todd R.I.P :(

    65. smithylvs

      I've had depression for years and I'm tired of it so I'm moving over 200 miles away to start again(managed to hopefully secure the job I've always wanted ) yeah I have no friends , maybe I drive people away to isolate myself but that won't be happening again.

      1. strangertobluewater

        Congratulations. It sounds like you are making good decisions to secure your own happiness. :-)

      2. maddness619

        Best of luck to you :)

      3. Hannah Marie

        I don't know why people do this on sad songs like..

      4. Timbuktoo

        I moved half way around the world for a new start & now have a french wife with 2 beautiful girls. Life can turn around. You just have to hang in there.....

      5. Ellaih Duarte

        @smithylvs yay! go for it :D forgive and move on, so you can heal your heart and finally be happy. :D good luck! :3 love ♥

    66. Draven Raven

      You guys know this song isn't about depression right.....well kinda but it is about when she had a drinking yeah

    67. Diego Torres

      aveces siento que esta cancion me describe totalmente

    68. Mikayla Weston

      I hate my life. I'm not saying this just to get attention. I have no friends. My mom does drugs. My father beats me till I have bruises and I am bleeding and yelling for him to stop hitting. I cut my self because that's the only way I feel I can feel free and happy. I'm done with life. Its not worth my time. I get bullied 24/7 on the internet, at home, in school. I am fat. I weigh 198 pounds and I am ugly. I'm 14 years old. And I have no life. I pray for my life to get better every night. Nothing has happened. Nothing has been cured. Goodbye society. Guess you don't need me. Im just that lonely ugly fat girl and a friendless loser. Fuck my life. I hate it. I'm just gonna let it go. Help me...

    69. sugarbumps

      This is an artist.

    70. Fee Maarschalkerweerd

      I feel so... Lonely...

    71. MyChemicalZombiie

      Oh that's where I recognized this song, Amanda Todd used it for her video.

    72. Natalia Newsome

      I miss u grandaddy

    73. T Tracy

      Beautiful and sad.

    74. Christie Moore

      I love this song but it's so triggering

    75. mk

      I hate how people say "you can get through depression, get help and take anti-depressants." Well do anti-depressants cure our fucked up world? Of course not... Because thats what is causing depression in our world. It is filled with hate, little love.

      1. Timothy Ma

        yes you cant cure a fucked up world but you can cure what you think

      2. Ari

        @ILovezombieboy Hate is aprt of it especially if it is for no reason. They hate you and even goes as far as hate. Other words, little love.

      3. Chelsea Jones

        i survived depression without medicine, it can be done. and being depressed is not being sad when everything is ok. its much more. and usually has many other things with it.

      4. Josie Devon

        @Sophia Smith i have the same as you

      5. Y M

        hi, I have MDD (major depressive disorder) even though I have never had any trauma in my life. Depression is often a mental predisposition and can be treated with antidepressants. Antidepressants work because depression is just a chemical imbalance in your brain (your brain isn't making enough serotonin/dopamine) and antidepressants help regulate those chemicals. My antidepressants work great, but I had to try many different medication combinations to find the right one. If your anti depressants aren't working, perhaps you should ask you psychiatrist to change them. Hope this was helpful!

    76. Grace Rutledge

      I'm learning this song on the piano I saw this in cyber bully and cried it really describes my life..

    77. Ewout Welsink

      Does anyone know if this song is the original or is there a song with only the piano from the beginning of this song?

    78. TIana Dell

      I'm still hung up on my ex , It was a sucky relationship but I wanted it to work because I was in a bad place before, he saved me, and after 3 months of being depressed I told him I I still love him and he said strait to my face I don't care about you anymore and if hit like knives being thrown at my heart.

    79. ge2067

      DUN DUN DUN help I have done it again. DUN DUN DUN DUN I have been hear many time before OR OR OR OR. Hurt myself again to day DYN DUN DUN DYN DYUN DYUNNNNNNN

    80. Caroline

      Love this

    81. Reynna Garcia

      Six Feet Under finale

    82. Sam


    83. Senate Mona

      I listened to this song last night in complete silence and i was speechless... Bravo Sia

    84. I am .

      Every time I'm depressed I listen to this song . Ha . .

    85. Frankie1986Fly

      I was just wondering to how many people this was the last UKup video?

    86. Caitlyn Kalata

      This is the one song, where I can say what I can about my bullied past, and people are helpful. Not hateful.

    87. Chris M

      This song HAS SAVED LIVES.

    88. A B H

      Sia is pure talent.

    89. babyboo boo

      TVD brought me here. i've been a fan ever since.

    90. luke weber

      all I want to do is die ...

      1. marimari1222

        Please don't say that :(

    91. Richard Howard

      Classic Sia!

    92. Madlyn Ziemer

      1st grade: my teacher starts touching and kissing me. 2nd grade same thing, an boys in my class start being really mean to me. 3rd garde: always the same teacher. At the same time I got my first "boyfriend", we broke up because he found out that I was not in love with him, after that he started hurting me physically. Before all that he took me to a random no people place and he and hos brothers would hold me to the ground and look under my shirt. 4th grade: my dad got sick, he was nearly to die. Couple month later, my mom got sick with cancer. 5th grade: new teacher. My "best freind" forced me to cut myself and always talked about suicide. 6th gade: new school, got to cologne with my class. My friend started going crazy about me and turned her back. Back to school they glooed my shoes to the ground and glued the cap on my pen. My mom got alcoholic. 7th grade: no one in school wanted to be my friend, a girl said that she liked me but didnt wanted to be seen with me. My "best friend" said behind my back while i was listening that i was annoyng and that she had enough from me. I got home and never seen her again. My mom stoped drinking. 8th grade: boys always hated me, and kicked me when no one saw it. I had just one friend. 9th grade: i changed school, had friends and was happy. At the end of the year my freind turned her back and started bullying me really bad. Other girls started slaping me, and wanted to fight with me. We found out that my dad drinks secretly even with his sickness. 10th grade: still same school but other people. This time i had just girls in my class. One girl said thad I should be ashamed about what hitler did cause I m german. Again that girl menaced me that one day she would hit me so I would die. Again my freind turned her back. My mom got sick again, with cancer. 11th grade: i started beeing really good freind with a girl. After a awhile she turned her back. Now I am 18, and this girl turns a lot of people in the class away from me. They take pics from me with snapchat, i dont know the comments, but they laugh. Every day I am scared, scared that my mom dies, scared that my dad dies. Scared that my heart breakes so hard that I die. What is wrong with me? Why? Those are the questions that I ask myself every day. And it never ends.

    93. Iyahna Glaspie

      Cried when i heard this ... its also from Cyberbully

    94. Mark Eallonardo


    95. Giovanna Leo

      Omg this makes me cry. Cuz it was a song Amanda Todd used for her video. :( ...I hate life...

    96. Dale Brush

      Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.

    97. Annie M

      beautiful song & video

    98. Nate Davenport

      This song was in cyberbully. It was a really sad movie!!

    99. Marcus Lee

      She is so beautiful. I'm so ugly. :(

    100. Exp Dev

      If your depressed or feel trapped, switch or change school and get a new image from everyone. And if your parents doesn't believe you, then talk to your teacher or principle.