Sia - Clap Your Hands (Official full-length music video)


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    Clap Your Hands is the first single to be taken from We Are Born, Sia's forthcoming album!

    Clap Your Hands will be released in US on 25 May and in UK on 5th July.
    It's already out in the following countries - click on the link to buy your copy from iTunes:


    We Are Born is available to pre-order now, ahead of its release in US (22 June), UK (30 Aug), Australia (18 June) and Europe (21 June). For pre-order links visit:

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    1. 1

      Love her song. Pissed me off dress like a koala yet no coin to help for them. Not many left and I'm not from that country

    2. 1

      My favourite of her videos. Wish she didn't give up on herself. 💩 happens her own personal business

    3. noivir

      Can't even Sia

    4. nardia420 buzz

      Who's still rocking this song in 2020

    5. Anthony Ryan


    6. Deathencounter

      2017: clap your hands 2018: clap your hands 2019: clap your hands 2020: wash your hands

    7. Ferret Queen

      I remember watching this on Rage one morning and its always been burnt into my mind and traumatised me as a kid but i couldn’t find the vid again- Watching it now not much has changed about my feelings towards it lmao

    8. Justin Hireme

      Who’s here in 2020

    9. Jack Smith

      The aboriginal flag is upside down lamo... Thats adelaide high for ya

    10. Lowwkey

      I remembering watching this on Rage when it was released 2000s were the time 💯

    11. Katie Bird

      First time I saw this my thoughts were "well she's definitely not going to go far..." Hahaha oh how wrong and naive I was. I love her!

    12. Mj Nadas

      Clap your hands if you loved Sia after hearing this song when it first came out 👏👏👏❤️

    13. Jimmy !

      Should create some more Indy stuff it's catchy as fuck ! Always loved this film clip 💕

    14. Dean Crouch

      I'm pretty sure the World hasn't found this yet

    15. Trassl3 Celick

      I never noticed the sia koala getting eaten poor thing

    16. Dean McGee

      I love hearing the words wrong... tell ya one day, what I thought it said hey 👋

    17. Applehazkitten

      I’m so unlucky, this music video was shown at my birthday party at bowling

      1. VAPOR

        how is that bad luck this is a banger

    18. Memaymoo

      I used to be so scared of this song, as a little kid I would genuinely have trouble sleeping thinking about this. Whenever I heard it play I would leave the room.

    19. Tori Condon

      2020 anyone still love this

      1. J's music videos


    20. Salty?

      Creepy shit

    21. 1

      So miss her being her

    22. Franny worldxo


    23. OzTez

      Creative :) Should see more of this type of videos from other artist

    24. OzTez

      Great clip. Very adventurous video. Top song.

    25. Jimmy !

      Thanks for the entertainment !

    26. M P

      Clap Your Hands! Good Things!

    27. Severed_J Edwards

      This music video just screams early 2000's kids tv shows on ABC

      1. Cici Cox

        Sooo true haha

      2. Severed_J Edwards

        @nuclearvillage. Damn right!

      3. nuclearvillage.

        And that's why we love it :)

    28. Bree Somers


    29. Caitlin Cameron

      I think we all learned one thing out of this. When we all die we turn into frogs.

    30. KatAtomic77

      July 2019 - and that bass line still delivers! Sia 💖

    31. lauren

      Bruh my dad used to love this song and show me the video and I couldn’t remember what the song was called or how it went, and I heard it yesterday in a pancake restaurant so fiNALLY THE NOSTALGIA CAN FLOW!

    32. Applehazkitten

      1:04 wtf

    33. vlad gol

      Hmm, there's so much of Sia to discover, this heavy metal guy will buy her Lps when money allows. Much love Sia, artiste

    34. vlad gol

      Love this tune always, be a fave

    35. onda Tasboy

      Can't help but sing, crap your pants.

    36. The Purple Helicopter

      I love that My flag gets a featured in the first scene 💕👍🏾👏🏽

    37. Eliza Attwood

      Love that the aboriginal flag is in. Great shout out. I don't care it's upside down. Woo sia

    38. pandc secretary

      Great job sia even if vid a bit weird

    39. Cherrykye Waters

      The days when she showed her face

    40. Anna Banana


    41. JugularX

      Sia's voice is sublime.

    42. Caitlin Cameron

      This makes me proud to be Australian.

      1. Hugh Gilbert

        Ye same

      2. Annies woken up


      3. Applehazkitten

        Yeah nuh

      4. Franny worldxo


      5. pirocan1


    43. Remy shot me

      I’m here from parks and rec in the club scene, I had NO idea it was sia what the fuck I’m from Adelaide too Jnxndnsks

    44. The Truth Farm

      Sia, you are so darn cute. Your voice, smile, presence and exuberance in a culmination of stunning beauty is a rare thing to behold 💕❤️✌️😊

    45. Kabuki

      Who’s here in 2019?

      1. Franny worldxo


      2. Applehazkitten

        I’m from 2020

      3. Remy shot me

        I’m here from parks and rec

    46. George Tudor

      I thought nam was bad

    47. Jordan Tassone


    48. Johnny Regle

      The only song I love by sia the other songs just don't do it for me

    49. asiciliz 46n2

      God damm

    50. Jazmin Hibberd


    51. Jessica Knowles

      11/10 gonna have a nightmare about this tonight

      1. Ethan Grant

        Jess Amber why do people make music videos so creepy

    52. shivsupreme_79

      I remember like a few years ago watching this and i was so curios as to house they came up with the video idea and i still am Brings a few memories Some how lol

    53. lolly 123

      Like if this video scares you

    54. mickeynismocat

      Fark i forgot this song! How good is it still!

    55. YvngZz

      Who else saw the aboriginal flag?

      1. Ethan Grant

        xXSavage Wallaby that wasn’t the aboriginal flag

    56. Stejamsrs Stejamsrs

      this is the sia i fell in love with.

    57. Disconnected Hmm

      its creepy

    58. Johnny Samson

      really good song

    59. Joanna B

      Had no idea Sia sung this song until now...

    60. kurt williams

      y'all realize most her old cljps were random af? you're all noobs

    61. Lily

      this video is 100% acid

    62. me i am me

      dumbest video u will ever see #PplOnDrugs

      1. William Marin

        kawa Kashira stop talking about that, this is art

    63. 4minute Hyuna jeon JJN HGY KSH NJH 4nia a-ings

      Holy shit I like this shit but I ever got to see this 😂

    64. Midnight Wolf


    65. RagingUtai

      Was the video producer stoned?. They should redo it and have david gueta give it some service, would be a club hit.

      1. Danielle

        sia was stoned during these years

    66. Kb ttr

      the first verse is too good

      1. Conor Honey

        The verses are better than the chorus

    67. NASA

      Sia is ssssooo talented & beautiful!! guaranteed my favorite singer of all time :D

    68. Shelley Tudor

      You're on drugs

      1. Ethan Grant

        Shelley Tudor she was at one point

    69. Le'sa Swain

      Before she became mainstream...

      1. William Marin

        G Farmer this was her 4 th most famous song

      2. Le'sa Swain

        @Mitchell Rua

      3. Le'sa Swain

        +Mitchell Rua nah not really. btw this song wasn't very popular with comparison to her latest songs

      4. Mitchell Rua

        This is still generic as fuck, not a massive difference with her "mainstream" stuff

      5. Le'sa Swain

        Wtf Fuck Off

    70. proplanaq

      The brickie = Shia LaBeouf.

    71. proplanaq

      I love this - it shows quirky and fun she is.

    72. Blah Bleh

      I remember seeing this on the tv on rage when I was younger and it scared the crap out of me

      1. Gary smelling you later since 1997

        same here

      2. Cici Cox

        This is so funny because same

      3. Shannon R

        I saw this for the first time last week aged 27 and it scared the crap out of me

      4. teearedee

        Glad I'm not the only one

      5. Meraki Builds


    73. P K

      she is wonderful and is b pure honest and real

    74. Hermione Granger

      OMG i finally found this song! I havent heard this this 2011 when I heard it on abc3 lol

    75. Jacko B

      Holy shut it's freaky the video but I love the bit were she talks fast

    76. Beauty Gem_

      Omg it's freaky. 😔🙊😲🌚

    77. Declan

      When she wrote awesome original songs.

    78. RoloThePro

      Well the 21st century is f*cked up forever.

    79. Nikita Henry

      OMG scary this gave my 7 yr old cousin nightmares

    80. Teagan Dewson

      Wired shit

    81. K-leb

      I could have sworn this song was from the early 2000s.

    82. Hol' Up Niqqa

      All this time I didn't know it was Sia! :0

    83. Patrick K Tagavaitoa

      Shot sia cool

    84. Rebecca Irvine

      One word to describe this... Odd

    85. Eleni Mega

      This scares me

    86. Tristian Campbell-Barker

      I can across this video while scrolling continuously down her page on Her pictures led me to come here. This is giggle town! Haha hahhaa, love it Sia!!!

    87. Michael Ferd

      For all you people out there being scared of the video.....harden the f $#k up! How old are you , like 6 years old??? Not enough creative videos out there like this one. Its called escapism!

    88. Sabisha Ofole

      This is kinda strange....... 😳

    89. Damon Nugent

      Love it.

    90. Alejandro Cj

      like actually this vid scares me sso much

      1. Anna anon

        me too hahaha

    91. Martin Lumsdon

      Is sia Australian what up with the aboriginal flag?

      1. The Purple Helicopter

        It is the aboriginal flag, it’s only those colours because look at the whole video clip that all these weird hype colours They couldn’t put the red and yellow in with out it standing out.

      2. Caitlin Cameron

        Yup she’s the only good thing to come from here in Adelaide.

      3. Ethan Grant

        Martin Lumsdon that’s not the aboriginal flag

      4. Marshmallows Are - CUTE!!!!

        Umm, I'm Australian And The Aboriginal Flag Is Actually Red Yellow And Black... No Offence Btw

      5. Aria Cook

        She's Australian!!!

    92. helpmycatsonfire

      so crap your pants crap your pants

      1. Layla Bishop

        HAHA I remember her singing that at her concert xD

      2. Michael Mauch

        clap yo ass

      3. MetallicAshes

        Hahahahahha XD

      4. Wade Douce


    93. Karma, TheEnlightenedOne

      She should re-release this on her vevo channel for everyone to see, it is such a good song even if the video is a bit weird.

      1. Winds ultimate icicles -BrokenYsfg Dev

        I’m australian

      2. SK TZN

        Yeah lots of videos are very strangely not available in Australia. For this one, it's probably because it was copyrighted in Australia and she didn't have a vevo back then, so they can't release it in AUS now.

      3. iwican

        +WednesdayThursdayFriday Which is really dumb because Sia is from Australia.

      4. WednesdayThursdayFriday

        @Karma, TheEnlightenedOne it's on there, just not available in Australia

    94. leeny weeny

      RED ENERGY bought me here

    95. fleurRosé

      Why does this remind me of Candy Crush? 😱

    96. 47

      You call this music??? Dogshit !!

      1. Aria Cook

        47, yes I admit this song is a little weird and so is Sia but that's what makes Sia so different from the Arianna Grandes, Alissa Care and all those others in the world. Its for attention. Similar with Lady Gaga, she has a beautiful voice and also dresses in weird but cool outfits. To me, its for spotlight and it gets people talking, sort if a publicity stunt in disguise. But nowadays when people see strange and different things like that, they turn the other ways because for some idiotic reason they like the pop stars who are the same and boring, whos songs suck. Music these days. You hardly ever hear Lady Gagas new songs on the radio in Australia. "Pinot Grigio, Come to Mama, Angel Down, Sinners Prayer... Ect." These songs are art and singers like Sia and Lady Gaga especially deserve more. The only Lady Gaga songs I hear on the radio are the ones everybody knows, the hits from 2009. Why? Cause some people dont like her. Why? Cause People like ordinary singers who have ordinary voices because get can't stand too see people who are different thrive. Honesty, the younger generation have no appreciation for good artist and music.

    97. Abbey Harden

      This makes me so happy

    98. Cassandra Willans

      People with their opinions!

    99. Chan

      whats up with the the aboriginal flag?

      1. Caitlin Cameron

        She’s the only thing good to come from here in Adelaide, Australia.

      2. Ethan Grant

        Chantel Gannon that’s not the aboriginal flag

      3. 4minute Hyuna jeon JJN HGY KSH NJH 4nia a-ings

        Granny Sufu she's Australian

    100. Torie

      why is the aboriginal flag upside down?????

      1. Allegro Vivante

        @Ruan van Niekerk lol ------because its not!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahha

      2. Marcus King

        @Luna xo Theres no filter on it coz its not the aboriginal flag. The German and Russian flag are the same design but different colours. So same thing

      3. Torie

        There is obviously some sort of filter on it thats why the black is showing up as a dark blue

      4. Harry Millward

        Its not even the same colour as the aboriginal flag...

      5. Torie

        ohhh ok thanks :)