Natalie Portman - Wrapped Up (Vox Lux Soundtrack) [Official Video]


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    Natalie Portman's performance of "Wrapped Up" from the Vox Lux original motion picture soundtrack featuring original songs written by Sia is out now! 🎶
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    Vox Lux begins in 1999 when teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor (Stacy Martin) survive a seismic, violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song about their experience, making something lovely and cathartic out of catastrophe - while also catapulting Celeste to stardom. By 2017, the now 31-year-old Celeste (Natalie Portman) is mother to a teenage daughter of her own and struggling to navigate a career fraught with scandals when another act of terrifying violence demands her attention.
    Select Theaters December 7th - Everywhere December 14th
    Full soundtrack available December 14th
    Directed by Brady Corbet
    Original Score by Scott Walker

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    1. Peter Benjamin Parker

      Natalie is great the way she is

    2. Jordan’s world Ciron

      😱😭 I am just

    3. Monkey D Scoot

      Great song and great voice love❤❤❤

    4. Andrew S

      Awful, auto-tuned dirge.

    5. Meme Corona

      better than cardi and nicki no cap

    6. Noah R


    7. jin army

      revival tour 🥰

    8. haya Assaad

      Fun fact : the director brady corbet said that this scene was inspired by selena gomez performance in the revival tour!!


      Chidas canción 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    10. alicesbeloved

      Upon first listening at the Memorial debut- the words didn't feel like it was to God. But much reenactment can be obvious to a Believer. I didn't think much of it other then a pretty song-- until the end.

    11. varun iriyagolle

      Love the lyrics 😍

    12. Ideges_Csillag

      This song was the only thing I liked from the movie. I only saw the part where the little girl sang it but it was touching. Unfortunately I gave up on the movie an hour+ into it so I didn't see NP singing it until now..But its Interesting to learn that Sia wrote it. Makes sense why its was so grabbing,

    13. Johanna Arab

      Maybe in the movie the song takes on a new meaning but from Sias perspective it sounds like she’s asking for a lover to be patient with her as she opens up to the person due to past issues.

    14. Галина Окул

      Актриса прекрасная! Но петь зачем???

    15. jellaman88

      This song is pretty ugly.. If you don't understand this, you don't understand the movie

      1. Sheroo

        jellaman88 You’re absolutely right. This is a hideous song. I just hope to God that Sia didn’t actually write thing song for the devil and that it was the director who decided to turn this into a worship song for Satan

    16. Diana D

      I'm probably the only one here to see if I can compare her voice in this to the Kitty in the masked singer

    17. Aastha Bairagi

      Just love you and your voice Natalie Portman

    18. Luis Villr

      Natali potman

    19. Cortometraggi 7* Arte

      SPOILER DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE 1:44 He is the motherfucking one that the deal revealed at the ending was about.

      1. Sheroo

        Cortometraggi 7* Arte Is he really Satan though? I just assumed he’s a human devil working for Satan

    20. Przemek Raczek

      I miss emotions. the song is certainly beautiful. Natalia knows, but let's not kid ourselves. lets be honest...

    21. Farouq Omaro

      Just watched the film on Fox Movies.

    22. mikeparez

      IDK why they didn't put this into the finale too its one of the only songs missing.

    23. Hay Music


    24. RetroRoboDog

      :) cool :)

    25. PhootPhetishPhilip !

      How was this a year ago already

    26. Marie Fabel


    27. UnicornsAreNice

      Man, I love this movie. Still on my mind a year later.

    28. Joseph Stevenson

      Truly an unforgettable film

    29. maxwell macharia

      I An Fun Songggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Rey Breneaux

      I think this song would have been better to ended the movie with. The rest of the songs I know were intentional since she’s supposed to be a contrived soulless pop star ...but they were garbage lol

    31. rocker1210

      I think Ke$ha actually wrote this.

      1. Sheroo

        rocker1210 No, Sia wrote this

    32. Przemek Raczek

      świetne. na tyle ile pani portman potrafiła. nic jej nie ujmuje - słyszy. ale to nie sia. nie szkodzi. ale lubiłbym bardziej gdyby zaśpiewała to sama.

    33. 10 Very Intelligent Levels

      You have to watch this move three times to get all the foreshadowing early in the story and the meaning of the lyrics.

    34. Anonymous Poster

      Lol... you think that jew didn’t make a deal with the devil in real life!!!

    35. Great Red Spot

      I want to like her voice. It has a lovely tone quality. But she sounds like she has marbles in her mouth though her ennunciation is good. It is not quite nasally... But almost hollow sounding. Edit: I found out what it is, they edited her voice to sound like that. She does not have that tone naturally.

    36. Мария Шепелёва

      It’s Jane Foster!

    37. Natalie Portman

      Thank you everyone for liking so very much!❤

      1. yasmin c:

        Yes it's cool

    38. nicole gee

      Why wasn't this performance in the motion picture?

    39. Neni Manahane

      Why this whole song wasn't part of the finale concert will always be beyond me~

    40. Bagaskara id

      I got chills

    41. Natália de Souza

      Sia, Brazil loves you!💘

    42. Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji


    43. ALI


    44. Nottt

      A sweet song that gets a little bit awkward when you realize it's her dedication to a pact with the Devil

      1. Iridescent Namikaze

        @Anonymous Anime the only devil is the god of the bible. Satan his dark side.

      2. Anonymous Anime

        @Sheroo listen to it. And you'll see

      3. Sheroo

        Nottt Holy fuck. That’s terrifying and awful. I’m so glad that the lovely and amazing Sia is the one who actually wrote this song and not the devil hahaha

      4. Sheroo

        Can you care to explain?

      5. Anonymous Anime

        OMG I HEAR IT😱😱

    45. Eleonora Ledezma


    46. avain H

      can be singer

    47. Felipe furler

      0:13 Pensei q era a Sia. Idêntico 😲

    48. Izis Vieira

      I love SO MUCH this soundtracks! You're the best, Sia!

    49. isa a


    50. Inej Ghafa

      Raw. Amazing.

    51. XUE Kimi

      I love you Natalie😍

    52. focalized

      Unsubscribed. Get used to this.

    53. focalized

      Where have all you r videos gone!?

      1. Sheroo

        focalized They came back

    54. Midnight Orphan


    55. Eduardo Chagas

      I can hear Sia singing this song! So amazing ❤

    56. Nit Majera

      I need sia in my life because I couldn't live with sia......

    57. Anya M

      I love how it's heavily autotuned yet still so beautiful and touching, obsessed with this movie and the ost as well thanks to SIA.

    58. Wolfen443

      She really pulled it off, the performance I mean. Her deal with the Devil paid off in the end as the voice over describes it in the final scene.

    59. Nolan VILLAGARCIA

      Why is this song on SIA's youtube channel?

      1. Nolan VILLAGARCIA

        Oops... Didn't see the description.

    60. #Srta. SWAG

      ♥ 〰 ♥

    61. X1AW

      SIA is in the background 😍❤️❤️ AMAZING

    62. atro

      Why was this not in the movie?

    63. Fantasy world

      ابي اغني هالاغنيه بس معرف انطقها بليز اللي يعرف يكتب لي الترجمه بالانجليزي ❤

    64. Carlos V

      Put the speed to 2.0 and you’ll get a happy song

    65. Delfina Pelater

      She definitely can sing!!!

    66. Candice ecidnaC

      I'm just disappointed at how short it is. It feels like half a song.

    67. Hypnotic Poison

      Her clothes and make up here remind me of her in Black Swan.

      1. Fernando Leyva Ramírez

        she is going to be the black swan forever, love her

    68. 73 O

      We are looking forward to ur coming to Japan ,I was waiting for long time the day can't wait tq

    69. •Yumiko•

      Subscribe to #kesha and #sia

    70. MDL

      Tradução e legenda em:

    71. Travis


    72. crystaly fagundes

      Adoro os clipes da sia😀

    73. Alberto Soto

      1:13 SIA Y SU VOZ

    74. Kayla Marie

      This is terrible. Her voice is so tinny and weak.

      1. Kayla Marie

        @Ang13libertatum A Oh, shut the fuck up, please.

      2. Ang13libertatum A

        Oh stfu pls

    75. Marcello Sabino

      Mulher de uma voz encantadora ❤️ Amo muito 😍

    76. Wendy Williams

      Hey, turn the light on 'Cause I've got no one to show me the way Please, I will follow 'Cause you're my last hope, I'll do anything you say And I tried it my way Epic fail, save me from myself So, bite my hands now Shut my mouth down, I will listen, listen well [Chorus] So teach me, show me all you've got And in your words, I will be wrapped up Speak to me, you're my last hope And I will say nothing and listen to your love [Post-Chorus] And I'm so lucky to be with you Keeping me from my shadow, whoa I know I would have been torn to shreds By all the people in my head [Verse 2] I, I let one tear fall And I crumble like the Berlin Wall Oh, here something's broken Zip me open, unlock the damaged door [Chorus] So teach me, show me all you've got And in your words, I will be wrapped up Speak to me, you're my last hope And I will say nothing and listen to your love [Bridge] But I've never shut up long enough to hear you And you never hurt me by shutting me down But look at where me, me, me has ended up now I will not speak, I will not speak, you showed me how [Chorus] So teach me, show me all you've got And in your words, I will be wrapped up Speak to me, you're my last hope And I will say nothing and listen to your love Post-Chorus] And I'm so lucky to be with you Keeping me from my shadow, whoa I know I would have been torn to shreds By all the people in my head

      1. Baron

        Wow I really relate to these lyrics right now

    77. Jinx van Dijk


    78. •кyku•

      S I A

    79. canadavatar

      So Nina, you survived your Broadway stab on set, but your swan hallucinations still haunt you.

    80. Jedi Crush

      Why is everyone mentioning Sia??? If Natalie Portman is singing the song give her credit. It's her voice.

    81. David Z

      Three six zero recordings :-p

    82. Yulia Ovchinnikova

      Очень красивая актриса ! 🌹

    83. Eri Costa

      *I like so much*

    84. Luis Famton

      Dear Sia I want you to sing this now! I need it

    85. Kouji R

      Her perfomance outfit and make up somehow reminds me of her Black Swan look.

    86. Бегемот Бегемотов

      Natalie, you the best...

    87. Sergio Orihuela

      Wow 💜

    88. Billie Eilish RV

      I love you sia I have a huge desire to meet you hug you with all my soul, your music is wonderful you are a divine being of light and power I cry for you I love you I love you I hope someday I know greetings from Mexico. Kisses and hugs❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟💌🧡💛💙💚

    89. Dina Queen

      Very beautiful

    90. Mustafa Mamdouh Taha


    91. Zahra Abdo


    92. Benjamín Anabalón

      Where is Greg Kurstin when we need him?? Sia, pleaase...

    93. Dave Bartha

      So beautiful!

    94. Sheila Farzani


    95. tamapajamas yamas

      Why is 40 y/o Natalie Portman playing a pop star ♪(´θ`)

      1. Sheroo

        tama’s pajamas You do realize Sia is 45 years old right? And she’s one of the most famous pop stars on Earth

      2. tamapajamas yamas

        She’s definitely too old to be a pop star.

      3. maggie

        tama’s pajamas she ain’t 40

    96. Trevor Roth


    97. Thiago Gonçalves

      1:13 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    98. عمر الشمري

      LOVE SIA

    99. Ариана Лапулина

      Она чё ещё петь умеет?