Destiny - TV Is My Parent


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    Get ready for goosebumps, as Sia sings her heart out to the spine-tingling Zero 7 track, Destiny, taken from her magical live DVD, TV Is My Parent. Buy a copy from her shop now, at

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    1. Jhonatan i love music


    2. ytsfd

      Mesmerizing. 😍️

    3. ayşe çınar

      Love uuuu



    5. LOXX

      Love you


      考古,来中国表演吧,真的很希望你来中国,I'm very like you , I love you for 12 years, I hope you can come to CHINA.I hope you can have a concern in Shanghai in the future~

    7. Pedro Cabañas

      Like si amas a Sia😍

    8. Bruna Silva


    9. Natália de Souza

      My life

    10. Rafaella Moreno


    11. Krn


    12. Carlo di Carlogiovane

      The solo version of Destiny Sia Furler is better than that of Sophie Barker I LOVE YOU SIA !

    13. White Angels

      Sia, sometimes I miss you to sing a song like this !!, easy listening,calm, jazzy fresh!

      1. nasty cake

        +White Angels me too

    14. jjlwis

      one of the best performances of Destiny! way to go Sia and Band!!! Legends never die!

    15. Renata T.

      One of the best live versions!Perfect band

    16. kiryuu500

      I love this song so much! I'm having it played at my wedding!

    17. shmoopywoopy

      @hardpaella Australian lol

    18. summerstar648

      hey.. that's the dress from the "you've changed" video!

    19. Emmerrrrrrr

      So much love.

    20. Wonseok

      perfect vocie.

    21. JimB667

      yep, sick.. just sick

    22. Sarah J. Martin

      my favorite voice in the entire world

    23. Harold Padilla

      .... Yes Polish and every day!!

    24. Adaśku

      Love this song, love you Sia! I could listen to you all day