Sia - You've Changed (Full-length video)


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    The official music video for Sia's Australian single, You've Changed.

    You've Changed is taken from Sia's forthcoming album We Are Born, which is released in US on 22th June, in Europe on 18th June and in UK on 30th Aug!

    Pre-order We Are Born right now below:

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    1. Dean Crouch

      Catch up World! :)

    2. onda Tasboy

      Still my favourite Sia music clip

    3. Jeremy Frances

      I only just learned that this is a Sia song. I don't listen to mainstream radio but I remember this and always liked it. My favourite Sia song by far.

    4. MEDlC

      These are the legendary songs. I like how it starts off with a negative presumption that ‘youve changed’ is generally associated with a negative follow up or accusation but beautiful sia cements it with a positive for the better statement. I love it, sia i fell in love with your music when i stumbled over the cocain song interview with stumble upon. You really are a rare treasure, love you much.

    5. CheesyTV

      Back before Sia was too shy to show her face.

    6. Samuel Overs

      I like these kinda tracks by Sia. the ones that didn't make it as massive hits.

    7. Maxwell Christison

      This is the cutest music video ever. PROOF WE AUSSIES KNOW HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!

    8. lythsian

      I prefer your older stuff Sia. You haven't changed for the better ..... ;-D jk, ur awesome.

    9. kanton4108

      Wow I just noticed that the beat drops in time with each second

    10. todosbien

      I just saw this song on spicks and specks... it’s really good!!! Can’t stop watching it, such a great voice! And yes I’ve been living under a rock!

    11. Invisible Fan

      Where's Maddie Ziegler?

      1. r34 cid

        Invisible Fan did you check when this was made?😂

    12. epiclyawesomeninja

      I didn’t realise I was a Sia fan back in ‘09

    13. Robert Russo

      Dedicated to Sia, David Guetta, and others.

    14. Apathetic Misanthrope

      Yes, because my physical appearance means everything, happy pherell williamsl . NOT! Great song but... Aussie yeah :-)

    15. The Record Crate

      Hey blossom, fan here. We own a bar in Glebe, Sydney and I can't help it...I quite love you. Anyway. Hello from The Record Crate x

    16. truedardii

      'No one cared who I was until I put the wig on'

    17. Psychokitten113

      Whatever you say about sia people, shes like one of us, shes an Aussie!!!!

      1. Jeremy Frances

        Whatever mate. Go eat a kebab and drink a VB down at Gallipoli and throw your rubbish on the ground just before you chuck it all up again.

    18. Val Kraken

      you were fan before she was mega famous

      1. VAPOR

        one of her best songs wherever you are cuz do more stuff like this

      2. Grubby bum

        I remember this song. Sia was average before she started writing pop songs. This is what a non-sellout song sounds like... Very average.

      3. Aidan Handel

        Robert Russo David Guetta didn’t make her famous. He helped. And she wrote this songs, not him.

      4. Robert Russo

        I was a big fan back before David Guetta discovered her and made her world famous.

    19. Scott Brockwell

      Hey dollfaace, we hope you have not changed! RADELAIDE & MELBOURNE love you and the earlier beautifully created music!!!! Australia misses you!

      1. Sydneytowngirl

        Scott, yep..

    20. Mick Foley

      I didn't recognise her with a face instead of a wig

    21. Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn

      @Miranda ... or even better, depending on your taste!!

    22. RickyPro

      She is Aussie like me but spells Colourful without the u?

      1. Eski !

        american record company, = americans make the props

    23. Missrubydoo2

      Anyone else hear this on The Vampire Diaries?

    24. Damon Nugent


    25. Richmond Tiger

      One of the few decent things to come out of Adelaide AUSTRALIA

      1. Sydneytowngirl

        @CheesyTV Yes... amazing how many talented Scots have settled here as kids & made something of themselves, especially Barnesy, Elizabeth was a pretty economically depressed place, it was equivalent to Sydneys Campbelltown in its day.

      2. CheesyTV

        @Sydneytowngirl Jimmy Barnes is Scottish.

      3. Robert Russo

        Let it out, no matter how ugly people may perceive it. BE your current true Self - at this point in history. Then we can all move forward.

      4. Sydneytowngirl

        don't forget Cold Chisel and AC/DC

    26. Susan Johnson

      love Sia

    27. justice4germans

      seems so Euro

      1. Erik Anderson


    28. Darth MadV

      Dude at 31 seconds looks like he could be The Confused black girl's brother.. (Meme)

    29. psychofred2

      What an excellent follow up to breathe me. Try playing it with Sarah Blasko's We Won't Run.

    30. Soft Clouds

      Still love this song!

    31. Leo

      i love the guys face at 0:45

    32. James Wilcox

      australian... nfl etc????

    33. mAJORDEE

      nothing stopping you buying them now....

    34. zxihycigdufgg

      i don't know how old you are but yeah you will learn that not everyone likes the same music, get over it lol

    35. philbassify

      Man i love you sia ur awesome!

    36. agyagasztal

      I just adore how the video is just.... REAL, as opposed to being designed to the bits. Even the dudes and dudettes in it look real and the whole song just radiates heart, kindness and genuinity. And that's what I love in this lady.

    37. Valkriecain99

      What did you say?! Please tell me! I MUST KNOW!!

    38. Rhys T. O'Leary

      YES! omg love her so much, xo

    39. Demogorgon47

      Oh yes most definitely.I tell you one thing though her music vids are always such a spin out. Lols first time I heard her songs was I was sitting there with mum and her music video for Buttons came on. And when I was done watching it me and mum both just like "Wtf did we just watch? Sia rules.

    40. Sarina Clease

      kind of the same thing happened to me! I have been searching for that songs for years now, I would hear it in stores but could never find it on the Internet. Then i was listing to She Wolf and decided to look up Sia's work and OMG I found it! I couldn't stop listening to it over and over again. Awesome song, is it not? :D

    41. Toomas

      So have you, Sia.

    42. Television17

      It's only 360p? :(

    43. emeraldstream


    44. destroya8653

      A friend of mine (who usally just listenst to Pop crap) said: "oh i dont like the new David Guetta &sia song, I usually like sia but this Song sucks" , then I asked her "do you know more than 2 Songs of sia, expect the ones she did with David Guetta & flo rida??" she didn't & she got angry cuz I always make fun of her poor "taste" in music. So the next day I send her a few songs by sia that I thought were great, like this one, buttons & a few others...guess what she didn't like them & said that

    45. citamorc

      I do judge her for who she is. (a talented, beautiful singer)

    46. scott hawkins

      shes on the verge of a genius song. forget every one else focus on ur self. hope she gets it before she gets 2 old. her voice is 2 valuable to loose.

      1. Grubby bum

        When I first heard this song, I thought she was deaf. She sings like how a deaf person speaks.

      2. lythsian

        Well done, you spotted this one well.

    47. mas que raio

      yep thats how fucked up is music industry

    48. mas que raio

      AHAHAH this is not famous wtf music industry lol

    49. ies

      Which is a pretty weird thing to say, because Sia has been making music since.. I guess 1997, and Lady Gaga.. well.. a few years later :) I can't believe Sia is so underrated! I got a reply from her (twitter) two days ago, I was totally excited and when I told my friends, they were like : "Who's Sia?" here in the Netherlands most people only know She Wolf, Titanium and Wild Ones.. such a shame :(

    50. Faker


    51. Jai Vashti

      Love this amazing woman.....You rock Sia!!!!!

    52. E C

      ^^ This guy is correct.

    53. Megan McDaniel

      Sia is freaking adorable

    54. CreaMundi

      bet yall were having fun making this video :D

    55. CreaMundi

      bet yall were having fun making this video :D

    56. Tommi Reiman

      you can... watch?v=jna2r56EXTg

    57. gui Poester

      my old friends changed for the worst :S

    58. FopNFresh489

      Fantastic voice, but it's hard to understand what in the holy name she is saying with that accent of hers.

    59. Caleb Cacophobia

      I learned about sia from the song titanium. I think shes such a great singer

    60. RagingUtai

      the problem with us aussies is that we can't shoot great video clips.

    61. Natalie

      0:29 best part of the video.

    62. 1611burak

      this song is the best !!

    63. BipolarBeauty15

      This video was AWESOME

    64. Lara Selden

      love how she says 'better'! :D

    65. David Jomås

      Well yeah, but look at the "sign" on his right side. The other's are doing what the signs does.... : p THE SIGN FAILS!

    66. mrandrew89

      heaps amaze....totes agree cant get it out of my damn head.

    67. ReitaAngel

      Nothing like finding good music with lyrics you can relate to.

    68. Rory Smith

      If she's Australian then why does it say colorful?

    69. Alana

      OH YEAH i remember when this came out!! I remember this vid!

    70. Chloe MacKinnon

      swear i saw mitchel musso? O.o love this video! :D

    71. Liv Shaw

      this song has been in my head for a week. effing love it.

    72. MagicLove

      Sia kann so gut singen.! *-* - Elly :D

    73. DvSReflex

      Beautiful voice, angel like

    74. Brutally Honest Productions

      Yeah I agree with Sinful ... The gothic chick looks cute when she went natural at the end ... Lol

    75. Anna Gray

      What a great voice and a great Aussie!!

    76. Aeonitis

      This is what I call Disco!!! Thanks Sia for making one disco song for the post-millenium generation!!! LOL :D

    77. EddieDeran

      Love you sis!!! We do change for the better!

    78. Sharon Langstone

      I just found one of your songs ' clap your hands' on a friends page, i like your videos they are fun and the songs are upbeat :-)

    79. K P

      This is the sort of music you LOVE with or without the video...she has an unbelievable (in a good way) voice!!

    80. Liddles

      Not only do I love her voice but her video clips are awesome too :D

    81. Kita Manga

      I love this musicvideo

    82. SophieInDigital

      Shes so amazing

    83. Feeluck

      the guy at 1:42 changed to. but it went worse :(

    84. tippyttop

      Sia please come out with more fun music videos.

    85. My Name Is Erin

      LOve the video! so unique and simple!

    86. Idan Levy

      I wonder if he really changed for the better or she's being cynical.

    87. glitterglamish


    88. tay

      why am i jus now hearing this song, i surf for new music too much to not have heard this the day it came out lol

    89. tay

      I actually like dis song

    90. xJeBaasz

      Haahahaa she is so wonderful creazy

    91. Florencia Salinas

      @SPREADEROFLIGHT What commercial? I never watch TV...

    92. anonny anonno

      @ThePatheticBitch woteva

    93. Erwin91

      @banshi68 actually she's a bisexual, but still :-)

    94. Roel Groot

      I wish you'd see i changed.. :)

    95. SophieInDigital

      So cute

    96. anonny anonno

      Love that she's an out lesbian too.

    97. anonny anonno

      fabulous voice, love that there are still some pop stars that are real artists instead of the usual talentless muppets

    98. martin booth

      I love the videogamey/singstar like theme! Excellent video to an excellent song! :D

    99. turkeysaw

      @SPREADEROFLIGHT what commercial? i wanna see

    100. cuideag

      I love how much fun she has with her videos.