Sia Tour Blog Part 6 - Trailer


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    Check out Sia's latest tour blog as she takes us through her near onstage fall in San Francisco and she recaps all of the fantastic presents she received that very evening from the audience. If you're a member watch the full version in the Video section of the Members' Area at and find out just what Sia is doing with a semi-naked Har Mar Superstar.

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    1. Hadi Soronbekova


    2. Laura Gaming

      She is so cute

    3. Nina Chang

      Wait so sia has shown her face before?!

      1. Nina Chang

        @Harini V tbh I was just bored and was surprised cuz I thought a lot of people didn't know what she looked like

      2. Harini V

        Ya lot of times. But only fans look up her oldest video or search for her in Google lol

    4. Hora dos Aleatórios


    5. Franco Valladares Sanchez

      I love this king of videos 💕

    6. Cristian camilo Valencia Betancur

      Te amo tanto Sia, tu cambiaste mi vida

    7. Sam El Papas 28


    8. Agus Wicasono

      So sweeet.. cool



    10. •Miru and Nqťalia•

      WOW😮! Sia is so, so, so, so, sooooooooooooooo beautiful! I Love her music! ❤

    11. peter114 pan

      The sweetest queen 💘💘💘💘💘

    12. ŠPŁ XÅVÏĘR

      Oii sia

    13. Natália de Souza

      Piensa en una mujer hermosa, Sia en primer lugar siempre👏🙈💘

    14. Jagóś

      I love youuu

    15. qqq q

      Why do you call yourself Sia if we cannot See Ya anymore?

    16. Amel La Cristal


    17. Krn


    18. Shibsankar Paul

      Beautiful video

    19. Dana Gil

      ojala nunca borren estos tesoros de videos

    20. deinwale jone

      sia is so beautiful

    21. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      pimp sia is a pimp!! im her biggie in fans that bubski of sia!

      1. Soumaya Acharkaoui

        Wow 7 years

    22. EddyBergman

      Cool a new one. I love her vlogs!!

      1. 0bamm


      2. EdEditz

        @0bamm Yes, people usually don't take the time but I don't mind ;)

      3. 0bamm

        I have seen many more old comments from 10 years ago, and youre one of the few that answered.

      4. 0bamm

        Ah i see. Cool

      5. EdEditz

        @0bamm Oh they were mostly experiments I did with Adobe After-effects. I was still learning it back then, I'm now reasonably good at using it and I do a lot of special effects work for local film makers. But those first experiments were rather clumsy and cheap looking so I deleted them.