Sia At Webster Hall, NYC - Soon We'll Be Found


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    Sia performs her track, Soon We'll Be Found, at Webster Hall in early 2008. But not before she is given a little marsupial by a fan in the front row.

    Sia will be touring Europe and Australia this Spring and tickets are on sale now!
    Visit for more info and ticket links.

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    1. ayşe çınar

      Sia love u

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      2020 👀

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      I love your voice I see cheap thrills and I have speechless so I discovere your channel

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      Haaaaaaaaaaaa i love you siaaaa

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      Sia marry me please


      Hello sia

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      2020 :( Wish we could go back time..

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      Only legends can be here

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        HappyMimi11 no gachas tho

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      She's been the best

    14. Alejandro Mendoza G

      Llevo 4 años conociendo su musica y puedo decir que desde mucho antes sentía Pasión por lo que hacía. Sia

    15. Estrelando com a Brenda

      Siaaaa I love all of ur videos! ❤️ 😍 😍 ❤️

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      Sia has a heart of gold

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      Sia te amo💗💖

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        @Ayşe Kılınçlı her yerdeyiz 🇹🇷

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        Burda bile varız be

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      6th u Sia

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      sia, russia wait for you

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      I'm in Love!

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