Lincoln MKT commercial feat. Under The Milky Way by Sia


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    Sia covers Under The Milky Way (originally by The Church), recorded especially for this Lincoln car commercial.

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    1. Loudpike Gas

      When I first heard this commercial I went nuts trying to find this song but never found the exact one

    2. Andre Smith

      Yesssss 😍😍❤️❤️ #LovingIn2020

    3. Certified Chaos

      Probably one of the smoothest songs to drive to at night

    4. S.N.C.L.C.


      1. Gail Jones

        Hush. This is a cover. Song was out in the 80s by The Church.


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    6. Sofia Villasenor

      I was born this year April 8th 😂❤

    7. Sofia Villasenor


    8. Queen Ty

      2019 still my favorite commercial 💖

      1. Andre Smith

        Exactly! it just has that sexy, silky, Elegance to it! 😁👍😌🙌

    9. Be Afraid

      лайк кто меня не понял )))))

    10. M C

      I didn't know this happened! What a pretty cover, Sia!

    11. Matthew Waldham

      Lincoln really new what they were doing when making this commercial "there's nothing quite like you" there really isn't anything quite Like the MKT "something that's shimmering" obviously stands for chrome "final destination" three row roadtrip people hauler. The commercial is great and the LINCOLN MKT (aka mark touring)I'S GREAT.

    12. Natália de Souza

    13. Lê Ngọc Huy Lê

      Fuck sia

      1. Nate Stark

        Lê Ngọc Huy Lê your mom is

      2. Lê Ngọc Huy Lê

        @Nate Stark are you stupip ?

    14. kretos gamer

      Fuck you

    15. Esneyk nebulous

      Fuck me

    16. UniversalChat Chat

      Garbage car

    17. VítorFurler Silva

      esse comercial presisa passa no Brasil

    18. Thiago Miyazaki

      wow this is kinda surreal i love the church and i love sia even more, but this is, without a doubt, a wacky mix. but it is cool anyway, i like wacky stuff

      1. 𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘥𝘦𝘳

        @LadaEmma In fact she's so better that she has made it into her own song.

      2. 𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘥𝘦𝘳

        @LadaEmma yes i can. Sia is better.

      3. LadaEmma

        Can't beat The Church Version

    19. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

      honestly sia sings a spicier tune!

    20. The Tree House

      Gente,essa musica é uma "viagem",!

    21. MsUsagi513

      I love her voice

    22. Jason Thomas

      This is a fucking total fucking shit all you assholes that like this cover are shit eating fucks thank you good night

      1. Sianku California

        You Fucky bitxh just shut up

      2. Nate Stark

        Jason Thomas shut up please fuckhead

      3. MsUsagi513

        Jason Thomas You sound bitter.

    23. Chris Madden

      It makes me feel the same way haha @kirsteenNico

    24. fashnek

      @check2773 "The original" you are talking about is a cover of "the original" he is talking about, a 1988 song by The Church.

    25. fashnek

      @Essefen And?

    26. dsjj251

      for some reason this is a great winter time song, just feels right to here it on a cold night.

    27. 09mjeternity

      I could go too sleep to this....x-cellant =D

    28. hameed

      I dont see what the hate with the cover is. Shes got a great voice, its not bad.

    29. Robotmonkeys

      @Kulith333 You're right that often an artist covers a song because they like it, and allows them to put their own take on it; but at the same time they don't get a skip out on criticism. They (or more accurately their fans) can't take criticism, perhaps they shouldn't put themselves out to be criticized? There's no reason why someone with a negative comment should have to be quiet just to spare some feelings. Or should we say "Stop bashing pedophiles! If you don't like them just shut up!"?

    30. Walpurgisnacht

      lincoln commercials = WIN

    31. Barobran92

      This crossover is so nice, so is the Ford Flex

    32. Blackychan229

      Boy do I hate Lincoln...but I love this song & commercial.

    33. Krola MB

      I love Sia, I love The Church...I was so happy to find out it was she who covered their song! Very sexy.

    34. Ellery Davidson

      If we're comparing the original to Sia's version, I'd have to say I like the Church's best. But I do really like Sia's cover as well! And, if you are a Sia fan, do yourself a favor and catch her in concert the next chance you get. I've seen her live and I can't remember when I've enjoyed a concert more. She's fun, funny, gracious, charming and, if you like her recorded voice, you should hear it live! Can't wait to see her in Phoenix this coming April!

    35. Karl Morkunas

      I agree!

    36. dalmanation

      Dear Keith, If a person thinks a cover is inferior to the original then maybe they have that right to say so. You are being a bit of a bully by denying someone their opinion even if you disagree with it. Also you don't have to revert to calling people Morons. And in this case Sia is doing the cover because she was commisioned ( paid to sing it for an ad.) Oh and by the way I think the original was so much better - a perfectly acceptable comment.

    37. sarahllamaa

      aha i bought this song after i saw this commercial... they should make a full music video with the car!

    38. artsylovelylady

      I liked the original version of this song but I also like this remake (the little bit of it they played in a condensed version).

    39. kirsteenNico

      this song makes me wanna take a long drive at night with some songs like this one playing in the car... lol

      1. 《Đøñůț Łïvï》


    40. Kulith333

      Hey morons, when an artist does a cover of a song they aren't doing it because they think they can make it better, they are doing it because they think "hey, this is an awesome song, we want to play it too!!" If you don't like the cover then just shut the fuck up, you don't have to say that the original was so much better.

    41. AlDarko

      can somebody stop these wankers from using the songs of my youth to hawk their piece of sh*t cars?? first Peter Schilling now the Church???

    42. 4UrSakeHopeNot

      I so agree. Everytime i see this commercial i stop and listen. So car commercials have the best songs ever. But i must say i love Honda and Mr. Opportunity.

    43. Chris E

      Damn, that crossover looks more comfortable than a Ford Flex which looks more comfortable than a Tempurpedic matress...

    44. orlyrabbit

      @desimc89 Lincoln is made by Ford, not GM.

    45. Candy Craig

      does not compare to the original...

    46. Susan MacDonald

      I have loved this song for so long by the Church-but this rendition is so awesome. Her name is Sia-an Australian artist. I would love to download it.

    47. The Garraad

      This song gets my attention. I love it...Guys whose song is it ???? I dont care about the cars as much I do the song!!

      1. LadaEmma

        The original artist is "The Church" written by Steve Kilbey - his version is way better can be bought on iTunes or Amazon

    48. Parth Shintre

      Amazing transitions

    49. Arado16

      @ryanjaimed feels like it takes you 20 years to the future

    50. Lianne X

      yesssssssss i love ittt

    51. shadowhalo1

      waaaaay better than owl city

    52. thisisstilllife

      thanks do much for the tip!

    53. Meg Macauley

      Thanks so much vghopkins!!! Every time I see the commercial on TV I get all 80s-nostalgic and so swept up by the magic of the song and the scenary, etc. (as greynezz mentioned)... Has been killing me that I couldn't find the Sia version of this song on Zune. Just downloaded the song for free! Awesome. :)

    54. m33lover

      Yup....The Church Under the milky way....1988. Beautiful song.

    55. dsjj251

      i have never heard of this song before, but it sounds good. it has the Owl City "fire flies" feel to it

      1. LadaEmma

        This tune is available on Amazon and I tunes by "The Church"

    56. greynezz

      im in love with this commercial. the song, the scenery... something about it seems so magical and dreamy like nothing ive seen before o.o

      1. LadaEmma

        Then you would probably love the original artist "The Church" written by Steve Kilbey available on Amazon or iTunes his version is way sexier.

    57. JadeDarkness8822

      cant find it could you give me a direct link?

    58. JadeDarkness8822


    59. VampiressAwsome

      Hahaha I know that now lol But Thanks!!!

    60. terrence0089

      they have the hole song on youtube sia under the milky way

      1. LadaEmma

        They also have the original from "The Church" on Amazon and iTunes.

    61. VampiressAwsome

      Thank god!!! Ive been looking for this song for ages!!!

      1. 《Đøñůț Łïvï》


      2. LadaEmma

        This song was written by Steve Kilbey from "The Church"

    62. DuelistoftheRose

      You are SO right. Yeah, too bad they cut the commercial short. The end is great!

    63. fusionstar916

      great song, great ad. crappy car.

    64. Don Ramos

      Thanks Alex!

    65. gyreene1111

      Where is the full Re-Mix version from the commercial ????????

    66. jbszee

      So no cover songs? Ever?

    67. Don Ramos

      I just wish Sia or someone would release this single on i-Tunes. Anyone know anything?

      1. LadaEmma

        This tune is available on Amazon and I tunes by "The Church"

    68. PaulWall84

      better than the church...? riiight

    69. Rinzler

      Well it's easy to judge when you listen to 30 seconds of song. Listen to the whole thing. Sia is known for her androgynous singing. If you listen to her music, you'll find that she's got one of the best voices around right now. In this version, I think they were going for cool, sleek, streamline and finished. That is what the song sounded like. Sia's got a profoundly powerful voice and the full version of this song is better than The Church, imo.

      1. Alisa gshahagsh


      2. Alisa gshahagsh


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      4. Alisa gshahagsh


    70. Decleated

      Have you heard the version by Nicole Atkins? Search google for these words: "nicole atkins under the milky way" I like that version better..

    71. jackofalltrades

      Would it have killed Lincoln to use The Church's version? It's a great song, but it's The Church's song.

    72. cenkmars

      ill definitely buy that car... all i need is money

    73. roxamine


    74. Nathan Morris

      Trust a comment from you to be here!! :)

    75. AMARACHI C

      OMG I was just telling my brother last night how much I loved this song!

    76. Brady Richards

      I saw the commercial and though, "Oh my gosh new Sia song!". Love her

    77. sjorsvb

      cool :D