Sia Tour Blog Trailer - Part 7


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    Sia's way of dedicating a song to a fan reaches new heights! Check out this clip to watch Sia as she sings 'Pictures' to a fan's answering machine. But has Sia dialled the right number or could she be singing to a complete stranger? Watch the full clip by logging into the Members' Area at

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    1. Giovanni

      I LOVE YOU

    2. Canal Privado

      Sia... You are the only woman I would marry.

    3. Orient Prospect

      A SIA video with 11K LIKES . Only 11 K !?

    4. Nena Asmar

      The only reason 5PM has a great time in our life has been the

    5. Lirou Zam

      Hi I m Brazilian

    6. Cristian camilo Valencia Betancur

      Te amo tanto Sia, cambiaste mi vida :')

    7. dynamicpiece

      It’s 2020 and I still think about this video.

      1. Miro Miro

        I'm the Jake she's calling, but this video doesn't explain most of the story here. Sia actually came to SF a couple months earlier and I literally screamed "PICTURES!!!!" between every song - and she actually remembered me the 2nd time because of how annoying I was :D. It's not shown in this video, but she thought she called the wrong number at first, because our voicemail was my housephone at the time, which was my dad's voice. She made some kind of comment about me being young but the voice sounding like an old grumpy man lol. It was and still is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. Props to the girl whose name I will never know who produced both a pen AND a piece of paper when Sia offered to sing Pictures after the show to my voicemail. This video would've never happened if that girl wasn't literally prepped with both a pen and paper - I asked literally everyone around me and she was the only person that made this work. I wrote my number on, I believe, pamphlet or something, then tossed it on stage and reminded Sia I was the Pictures guy - and she came through the same night! Coolest music memory of my life :D

    8. Elementx 34

      Hahaha sia are you the best

    9. The Singh

      She's an angel to die for.



    11. ŠPŁ XÅVÏĘR

      Oii sia

    12. l viee

      I Love

    13. Natália de Souza

      I love this voice😭❤❤❤

    14. احمد حوري

      Hi Sia 2019

    15. Red Does Vids

      Proof that Sia’s voice isn’t auto tune. 0:39

    16. Sia Facts

      Te amo ):💖

      1. Samuelsasuke321

        Eu também

    17. Dale Whittle

      here there sia, i hope u don't mind me saying you're beautiful as always.

    18. Krn


    19. Shibsankar Paul

      Nice video.... thanks

    20. Rona Vadneau

      Sia! I wish you had a blog where I would be able to message you personally! One of your songs that hits close to my heart! A BIRD SET FREE! I fell like I've been in a cage with in a cage my hole life and I'm 50 years old!😞 Your songs gives me hope The messages that I hear in your songs are so so inspiring😉You give me the strength to live another day😳

    21. Marina Duran

      How do I get Sia to call me wtf

      1. Miro Miro

        I'm the Jake from this video lol. The way I did was, well, attending her concerts here in SF and screaming "PICTURES!!!" every time lol. This was 12 years ago though. She's like 100x more famous now, so I'm not sure this would work anymore.

    22. SAINT E.R.

      Ahhh looking back at all of these videos are adorable!!!

    23. w0krestaurant

      aaaah do you have it recorded in any way? xD i really want this version and i don't know how to see the extended video :(

    24. John Kettles


      1. Miro Miro

        I'm the Jake in this video :P this is one of my favorite memories, and Pictures is still one of my favorite songs by her.

    25. w0krestaurant

      how do u see the full version of this i have no idea